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Top 10 Orient Watches to Buy in 2022


This might sound judgmental to a great extent to many people. Still, a lot of truth remains hidden into it.
The luxury industry is driven more by an unhealthy desire for displaying status arising from an inability to admire the intellect, creativity and skill that goes into the creation of luxury products. It also exhibits an inability to maintain status while being frugal, which at best, is a lack of worldly knowledge.


April Deals

Or – many of those things. For, we know for sure that you cannot resist too long the allure our current collection throws at you! It’s a huge one, so we’d like you to take things one step at a time, giving you ample space to choose and finalise on your heart’s desire. You might still be wearing that timepiece from your college days and looking forward to something more appropriate for your present lifestyle, the only things stopping you from acquiring one is time restraint and a lack of variety.

Tick-Talk: Seiko Watches in Movies


Not many objects can eclipse us flesh-and-bone humans and attain stardom in public memory; much less secure a place in history. Those that did became famous; sometimes even overshadowing the human/non-human character they associated with. We gather around here to speak about a few such iconic movie gears. We gather around here to speak about watches that made it big on the silver screen.



here are numerous real-life stories about watches that survived absolute Hell – whether at Saigon or in Afghanistan or Benghazi – and still keeping on ticking, maintaining perfect time; however, it is not good for the watch not to get some tender, loving comfort in return after hard days of labour, irrespective of how good or solidly built the watch might be. Similarly, a watch running for a decade without some TLC is equally

Calibre Combat: 8215 Vs 8217


It will be good if we mention right at start that we’re going to discuss about not just two, but 5 movements altogether. For, the roots of the calibre 8215 go down to the calibre 8205 and it branched out to become the calibre 821A later. The calibre 8205 also has another descendent – the 820A – which is its decorated version. Or, you can simply say that it is the day/date version of the 8215. It won’t be fair if we leave them out of this discussion.