The Orient M-Force series has a significant heritage in the brand’s history since its inception in 1997. The diver series became an instant hit among watch lovers and has contributed to much of Orient’s popularity in the long run. For their 70th anniversary in 2022, the brand revived the third generation of the Orient M-Force with a brand new logo and design.

Compared to rivel brands, what Orient lacked in creativity, they made up with their commitment to this series. Even today, very few diver watches in the market can claim truly commiting to only the sport of diving. The M-Force established itself as a solid Orient diver series truly intended for diving, without any additional segways.

The series was released as a fusion of the ‘three Ms’ – with the automatic Mechanical calibre being the first point of intention, the extremely well-detailed ‘Maverick’ case design being the second; and finally, the third ‘M’ is for Massive, which is semi-true at best since a 45mm size for a diver watch can be considered normal by market standards, but in no way truly massive.

The F6727 Automatic Movement

The Orient M-Force series represents a significant milestone in the world of automatic watches, particularly with the inclusion of the Caliber F6727 movement. This in-house movement by Orient is a staple of this particular series, which makes this all the more exclusive.

Orient’s hallmark Caliber F6727 is an automatic movement showcasing the brand’s engineering prowess. Their house made movements are one of the top contributors to their success as they don’t rely on buying third party movements from other companies. Instead, they manufacture their own. This gives Orient watches an edge over many rival brands.

The F6727 movement is amazingly modern with shock-resistant capabilities befitting a true diver watch. Orient has integrated several protective measures to safeguard the movement against external shocks. This includes a movement holder that minimizes horizontal shifts, a boost-up spring that guards against vertical displacements, and a collet that reduces the shock-induced displacement of the hairspring attached to the balance wheel.

Along with the well-built shock resistance, the Orient diver series doesn’t skimp on accuracy. The F6727 features an automatic timekeeping with a power reserve of 40 hours and operates at a frequency of 21600 vibrations per hour, utilizing 22 built-in jewels. The movement supports hand-winding and hacking that makes it easy to set it more precisely. Officially, the accuracy range is stated as +25 to -15 seconds per day, but users have often reported better performance with deviations commonly closer to ±5 seconds per day, indicating that users are more than satisfied with this Orient Automatic watch series.

This movement also fares really well with the rigorous demands of outdoor and underwater activities, aligning perfectly with the values of the Orient M-Force series. These features ensure that the watch maintains its precision even in the most challenging conditions, making it an ideal choice for outdoor adventures and diving activities.

Design And Features

The series further deserves two other ‘Ms’ for the monster yet minimalist looks of the watches. Users have said that even though the watch looks extremely sporty and robust, the watch actually seems very snug when worn, and the lugs are turned down to sit comfortably on the wrist.

The design of the Orient M-Force series can be considered true to the name. The ‘Maverick’ design looks rugged and when worn, fits in a way you can trust to hold its own during rough impacts. The series has a bidirectional compass bezel instead of a diver bezel. The dial is also supported by a large protection shield and sapphire crystal for added protection. Like all diver watches, this Orient automatic watch also has luminous dials and markers to help you see perfectly above and underwater.

Out of the three variants of the 70th anniversary series, the green dial watch caught our eyes the most. There’s just something about a good sports and adventure watch with a green dial the that makes it all the more alluring. The orange one is vibrant but not for everyone, while the black one maybe a classic but it’s too boring for adventures. The green dial watch offers the sophistication of a black dial and the vibrancy of an orange dial to perfectly balance the essence of both.


Since its inception, the M-Force has been one of the best Orient automatic watch series out there and it is still going strong as ever. The in-house magic of Caliber F6727 in the Orient diver perfectly blends the traditional values of the brand with modern features.

Our only complain is the lack of variants. If we look at rival diver watches, they usually have a lot of color variants. Although we love the black, orange and green dial watch, we can’t help but want to see the same features with more color variants in the market.

All in all, the Orient M-Force meets all expectations as a great dive watch, that too at a great price point. There are diver waches that share the same looks and feel as this series, but the magic’s definitely inside. The automatic F6727 calibre undoubtedly captures this  series’ essence. It’s one of the best in-house movements to come out of the brand and we hope to see Orient expand this movement to future collections as well.

Orient M-Force AC0L 70th Anniversary Automatic Diver’s RA-AC0L01B00B Japan Made 200M Men’s Watch 

Orient M-Force Green Dial Stainless Steel Automatic Diver’s RA-AC0N03E10B 200M Men’s Watch