Newsleeter: Morellato: Exclusively Woman-isque

Few are there in the male-dominated world of horology who thought about creating pieces exclusively for women. Morellato banged the nail right on the head. Today, the wonderful collection of Morellato watches show that they are in business and the business is good!

The most impressive collection – arguably – from Morellato is definitely the Drops, followed by the Sensazioni; both performing the simple function of marking time but embellishing your wrist in different ways. Every strap accompanying the Drops come with a look like real bracelets and they are enough to turn an onlooker speechless with their intricacy in designs. Another collection from Morellato that stands close is the Incontro – fully made from metal, innovative and cutting-edge in terms of both aesthetics and technicality.

Whether it is in romantic pale pink, or lilac or traditional white, every Morellato watch exhibits a strong and decisive character without sacrificing its youthful spirit, which helps the wearer to always stay glamorous and in-step with the changing times. Every time a new model is created, unlike many other brands, it doesn’t become just a variation on some old design but a unique piece with its own share of individuality. Even those that are completely devoid of the frills exude a smooth and sober charm of their own, with special emotions going for it. 

Morellato women’s watches, despite their ultra-delicate look, are easy to wear and can be worn everywhere and doesn’t require to be babied. This particular quality has made them earn love and appreciation from women from all over the world; whether it’s their simplest piece or the most complex ones, doesn’t matter. And you will find both in the vast array of wristwear they have put up on exhibition.

Morellato watches are readily recognizable due to their very classic, very unique designs; even the trendiest one has connections to the classical, Italian roots of the brand. They are extremely luxurious and elegant, imparting a very precious air. Very comfortable to wear, they are thinner than most and never poses any hindrance to a wearer’s usual movements.

Of recent, the Ninfa collection from Morelatto is creating quite a wave among the fashion-conscious crowd. Morellato decided to put in a bit of natural beauty into each of these and the result was a cluster of magnificent, luxuriant hortensias and dahlia imprints embellishing these beautiful models. These watches come in delicate shades like lilac and pale blue; colors that allow daydreaming about Nature’s most beautiful creations.

Articulated perfectly to combine the delicacy and vitality of Mother Nature, every Morellato watch represents women of perfection with its mix of femininity designs with elegance and dynamism that render every piece with a romantic yet bold and the most beautiful aspects of the Italian design heritage.

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