Gonzo expresses his views on experimentation.

Q. Hi Gonzo! I come straight to the point: Is it owning that one watch or trying out several different watches and never fixing upon one that earns more credit among the watch experts? By experts I mean those who make and those who appreciate and collect, both.

A. Hi, Bro. I’m gonna give you a real answer. It might not be the politically correct answer, but there’s nothing in this world that’s correct politically. It just tends to be so; closer you are the better. It’s just about how I feel.

Depending upon what type of relationship I’m seeking with my watch, it would definitely help me gage whether I should attempt to get one. I might miss the real thing by a hair or by miles. I definitely care how many watches a man has had ever been with, provided they are not the cheap plastic quartz now even kids don’t buy.

That pretty much tells you if a man is out there trying to find something that matches well to his needs. It’s not essential for a watch to cost mega million bucks to qualify; that you are putting an effort into getting to know the watches you are approaching, very much looks like you’ll land up soon with a successful find.

For most cases, it’s too easy to get a watch that you find attractive. Seldom will you look inside for the first few purchases. Being not so picky has one privilege though – you can just move on when you realize that the piece in your hand is not your fantasy. You then have the option and hopefully, ability to connect with another hot watch by the time the month rolls around.  I call it the Hollywood Effect. The movie stars who in our eyes look perfect being together – why do they part? Aren’t they gorgeous or beautiful enough to hold each other back?

Gorgeous doesn’t always bring out the supposed personality, good looks and wealth. But due to the flooded population of watches with these supposed valuable characteristics, they no longer become as valuable as they should be. On the other hand, a great watch might lie single among other completely attractive watches; going unnoticed amidst all that glamour.

The number of watches a man has tried so far will give you the idea of what he is looking for exactly, unless the choice every time is poles apart from the earlier. A newbie watch lover will just try different types, without putting any effort into getting an inexpensive, substantial watch. Finally, he arrives at that one. And any man who tells you that it’s none of your business, it’s probably because he didn’t like you asking that.

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