ust like any other watch enthusiast, higher-end Seikos allure me big time. It was love at first sight with the Grand Seiko (costly baby) but I found the SBDX001  slightly better aesthetically. The sad part is, the price-tag still keeps me off; I have settled for the Seiko MarineMaster instead, at almost half the price. For the time being, it has soothed well my itch for a very high quality timepiece (in my eyes, as gorgeous and flawless as the Rolex Submariner) that withstands regular use (and also a fair amount of abuse).

Another one I like very much is the Sumo. It has something luxurious (apart from the nearly-invisible domed crystal) ‘bout it that makes it stand-out handsomely. Its heft and smoothness is awesome and also has the most satisfying 120-click bezel. I like my watches hackable; therefore, the 6R15 caliber is also my choice.

But when it comes to toughness and a real rough use, there’s nothing beating the Seiko Prospex Marine Master. It’s a purist’s design and materials that’s almost (8L35 caliber; 26 Jewels and 50-hours power reserve; certified chronometer) to the standard of the Grand Seiko automatic. Bash it against a wall and see nothing happen. No dents, not even light scratches! It’s the magic of the ceramic shroud, designed to ensure that it never harms a wetsuit; nor impede the movements of the hand. Douse it with salt water for 3 months and still see it ticking. The DLC stainless steel/titanium finishing will hold till you want it to. That’s the kind of watch you’ll need to go with your apocalypse shelter – Virtually indestructible (withstands 100 atmosphere bar pressure), superbly finished and with a tapered back to minimize its contact area with the wrist. The lugs further make the watch sit up on the wrist, thus making it go with any wrist-size.

Now, the saddest part is it’s only available for the JDM. Why? Only Seiko knows; perhaps, it’s an ‘only the best for my countrymen’ bent of mind. I think they have the right; after all, it is unique and original; not Swiss or German watch-craft interpreted in Japanese.