Something particularly remarkable in higher-end Japanase watches is they never make you feel out of place. No, this ain’t coming out of the mouth of a die-hard Jap watch collector but it’s something the watch-nerds all over the world agree. Now, I hear the question coming: What do I mean by higher end Japanese watches? Aren’t all of them? Yes, even the simplest digital watch is more accurate and sturdier than the millions-worth Swiss fineries, but that’s not higher-end. Heck, not even high-end, for there are things beyond functionality. The Spanish call it the duende; it’s inexplicable, mystic…and to many of us, it’s something egoistic.

The Jap trinity is actually a quatro – Seiko (and therefore, Orient), Citizen and Casio. The Big-3 presents some of the most praiseworthy stuff for men but far less expensive than their European counterparts almost all of the time. These are something I can wear without fearing if the salt water or the sand or the rock is going to wreck havoc on them. Even if they do, sparing a few hundred dollars – as opposed to the few thousands – is easier.

And one more thing. I like my watches to be functional in more than one way. All three make some fabulous stuff in this context. So without further ado:

  1. The Orient Diver: Orient is special in the sense they have been home-growing the mechanical movements since ages and one of those refined pieces went into the top model, highly functional diver-s. Their presence is felt easily due to their 45mm+, thick, chunky, steel cases and sapphire crystal glasses. Most come with high water resistance and the best ones are the Mako, the M-Force and the Professional .
  2. Casio Edifice: It’s more for the ambitious new generation, but its functionality and attractive, modern designs are meant for all. They are what today’s G-Shock wearers shall opt tomorrow, as young adults and the rest while turning hard places to fun. The complex 3D (layered) dials are truly tech-derived; whether you want one for true style or to keep company among the dust and the heat, stuff like this will go a long way.
  3. Eco-Drive metal: Quality of materials, construction and craftsmanship reached new heights as Citizen, the mainstream Japanese watch maker blended style with a functional look. They compete (and sometimes beat) European watches built on the same concept.
  4. Seiko Sportura: Seiko’s incorporated speed with this watch collection, so vibrant colors dominate some of these, for example, the Seiko Sportura FC Barcelona Some come in gold and some are really big. But one thing is common: the bold, cushion-shaped cases, the round dials, the sapphire glass and a chic, automotive styling. In one word, they are solid anything-goes kinda accessories at an unbeatable price.