11 years back, in 2010, Seiko launched their Cocktail Time collection. They dazzled up the watch world pretty much.

Hear the cocktails in making

They are still around. They are a lineup of mechanical watches that has grown with time; they are still growing and will also keep growing well into future until the manufacturer decides to stall their production. However, we all know that day is far off, not to show up anytime soon.

The Cocktail time incorporates the glamour from fine Japanese cocktail bars into fine Japanese watchmaking techniques and materials. The inspirations came abound from Shinobu Ishigaki, owner, Ishinohana Bar (Shibuya district, Tokyo); into a partnership with Seiko. He is mentioned among the most highly distinguished mixology professionals in the world today.

The Seiko Cocktail Time has an immense cult following. Ever since its launch, it has been sought after for its mesmeric dial colors and patterns. Some have been able to complete the whole Cocktail set; others, simply went to grab them late and missed by a hair’s width. The Cocktails offer such an attractive value proposition that they’re always in high demand.

The intricate dial designs of the Cocktail Time strangely resemble the reserved lines kept aside for even higher-end watches; say, the Grand Seiko! Many of these exquisite dials are present in the Presage Cocktails; their strong resemblance offers much more than what the price tag asks for. Some new additions to the Presage Cocktail Time collection bring exciting colors within classic sizes; each designed to serve as your office wear when you are not using them as dress watches. We shall see some of the earlier Presage Cocktails to cite the differences with a couple of new models and their variants. This list comprises both men’s and women’s Seiko Presage Cocktail pieces.

Taste the Cocktails now!


1.Seiko Presage Cocktail Bellini Automatic:The gentle impression of the Bellini cocktail inspires this ladies’ watch. The appearance is warm and slim; much of that meager thickness comes from the domed crystal. Inside runs a much-evolved version of the modern Seiko 4R35 automatic movement. It can take brutal beatings and then it smiles back again. Not meant for the rough outdoors or prolonged underwater exposure.

2.Seiko Presage Cocktail Time Negroni Automatic: The Seiko Presage Cocktail Time Negroni is simple, elegant and graceful. The hallmark of the Cocktail Time series, it’s been dramatically textured and colored; its dial keeping the spirit alive! It’s pressed dial pattern; the way it used to be in the old-school drinking tumblers cut from crystal. The deep, dark, red tone evokes the classic feel. It has a more tasteful dress/formal dimension.

3.Seiko Presage Automatic Midnight Cocktail:  It’s said that special times at an authentic bar in Tokyo always start at midnight. The feel is caught and enhanced in the chic and elegant timepiece to find way to your wrist. Inspired by the cocktail of the same name, it has an unique color and an eye-catching dial design that reveals a part of the movement. The crimson gradation creates a mysterious contrast.

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We’ve mentioned here some of the Seiko Presage Cocktail Time men’s and women’s watches and their variants. Click on the links to see and buy them. More with our next post!