It’s tough answering why the Japanese watchmaker decided introducing the design in pro-grade watches. We can only guess it to be a memoir of a celebration; of the instance Italian atelier met the Jap tech-giant. The off-centered wristwatches are a fresh new offering that really doesn’t look like a million others! Most of all, the idea doesn’t cost a Maserati with a full tank. But then again, just like any re-issue, there are few very subtle differences – or should we call them betterments – between the new design and the original, but that actually breaks the monotony. Betterment!

Seiko and the Giugiaro Design are not new to each other. Those who remember or own the earlier models might remember things halted after a few steps which, luckily, now seem to have stepped up; this time, the Prospex Diver Scuba watches get the facelift. The Giugiaro touch has bettered since the Spirit chronograph. The fresh designs are less automotive this time, offering a welcome look, with its quirky asymmetry giving a pleasant hit.

The offset design format of Giugiaro is both distinctive and readily recognizable. This time, it adorns something again on the higher-end; the previous time it was the Seiko Astron Giugiaro Design Limited Edition GPS watch. The Seiko Prospex Diver Scuba Giugiaro Design models shows a bit of the Spirit as well. This time; however, the design has been mirrored. It made things to avoid toning back the ’80s while retaining the basic philosophy of an asymmetric appearance.

The Seiko Prospex Diver Scuba Giugiaro Design limited editions come in two different color schemes. One is steel and blue dial; the other one is gold-toned steel with a gold dial. An outer plastic housing accommodates half of the watch cases and features a strange, bumpy texture.

Acros, both measure 43.8mm; lug-to-lug, they are 48mm and stand 11.2mm thick. The proportions of the offset cases to the straps make the watches even more pronounced; however, the actual reason behind is good ergonomics! The curved glass is an added attraction.

The watches are 200m water resistant and the 7N36 quartz movement is accurate to +15 seconds a month. Time, date and the day of the week is all that it offers.


As a whole, the Seiko Prospex Diver Scuba Limited Edition Giugiaro Design watches are prolific entries to the range of watches that are currently pushing the vintage designs ahead, staying surprisingly faithful to the original ideas. Another befitting example would be the Grand Seiko.

The Seiko Prospex Diver Scuba Limited Edition Giugiaro Design watches has already been released as a JDM and has been credited by watch enthusiasts all over as an almost perfect re-issue of the ‘80s wristwatch design and holds a great potential. This time, it contends for an iconic status among industrial designs.

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