Chances are that you never heard much about Oris. This Swiss brand of watches caught public eye by large with its Diver’s Sixty-Five. It played with vintage inspired themes and secured Oris’ position among serious divers’ watches. The lineup carried a large number of variations, each with a high aesthetic appeal. It’s considered to be one of the best diver’s watches in the world.

Oris, today; is a brand that professional divers trust blindly. And a brand that also creates modern and sleek watches you can wear on a normal day out in the city. With your favorite clothes; on your favorite day! Its full diver-capabilities make any Oris watch an ideal piece for the days by the beach. Or, the pool.

Baselworld 2017, Oris launched (or re-launched) their Aquis Date. The comeback has been massive and Oris got everything right with it. Extensive, extreme researches went into its innovative engineering. The result was a state-of-the-art functional timepiece that, after a full and final refinement was exhibited, under the name of Aquis Date.

The brand’s sense of modern aesthetics reflects from many of the elements of the watch. Ceramic bezels, for example; sleeker horns, next. It has technical sophistication of a professional tool watch designed without suppressing its stylistic appeal. It quickly became one of the much-talked-about ones.

All divers’ watches alike, the Oris Aquis collection has kept performance and reliability as its topmost priorities. The strong, sturdy and powerful result shows through every watch in the collection. The Aquis Date is the stellar pillar of Oris; their flawless legibility and muscular built seamlessly integrating the body and the bracelets of all-steel models looks refined and sleek. Oris understands the demand for versatility. It is inevitable even in divers’ watches. It’s the diversity in divers’ that’s responsible. Those who do not want just diving tools shall find the sleeker Oris Aquis Date adapting well to both your cuffs and casuals.

The sleek silhouettes and combinations of brushed and polished surfaces n highlight the watch’s lines and curves. Their unidirectional rotating steel bezels are virtually scratch-proof; more so with the ceramic bezel inserts. They are fade-resistant too and offer more durability. The bezels have also been specially knurled to ensure a superior grip. Even underwater, with a diving suit on. The sapphire crystal is also scratch proof and helps big time in retaining the new look.

The small gap between the cases and the bodies are to ensure a better grip. At 43mm across and 13mm thick, the Oris Aquis Date watches help you to stay classy, edgy and sharp with something modern, refined and aesthetically pleasing. It runs as you move and will run for just 10 hours short of two days if left untouched.

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