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Newsletter: Blowout Sale on 50 watches + Mother’s day Sale!

The blowout sale for May is here! We have selected 50 fanstastic watches and dropped a futher 5% on their already heavily discounted prices! And only for the month of May or while stocks last. So if you are looking for an addition to your watch collection, or of thinking of getting something nice as […]

How the Watch Became Popular

How the Watch Became Popular Many centuries ago the wristwatch was unheard of; clocks – more properly known as timepieces – had been around for some time, but there were problems with accuracy. Of course, technology improved – as it does today – and movements became more accurate, but even in the late 19th century […]

Christmas Gifts – Watches for Women

What makes the perfect gift for a woman? It would have to be something that is at once beautiful and usable, something desirable and long lived, and something she will treasure and feel able to show off to her friends. A classy, stylish women’s watch ticks all those boxes, and offers much more besides! Watches […]

Which Watch if the One for You?

Buying a watch, whether for yourself or as a gift, is a process that involves many questions and some important decisions. Watches come in many different types, shapes and sizes, and both men’s watches and watches for women have evolved over the years. You may have a personal favourite in terms of shape – the […]

Budget Watches for Everyday Use

Most of us wear a watch, and sometimes we want a model that is simple, inexpensive and functional. In some situations you don’t want to be wearing a watch that is expensive: it may be that you are at work on machinery, or that you are playing sports that may involve possible knocks. For such […]

A Fun Watch Makes a Great Gift

Watches are excellent gifts for both men and women – let alone for children – as they make for a practical yet fun item. There are some watches that offer a sense of fun that is quite brilliant and at excellent prices too. Wearing a watch such as the Casio Baby-G BGA-200-4E, resplendent in its […]

Great Watches for Women from Guess

There is a sense that men have a greater choice of quality watches than women, yet there are some brands that are mainly focused on watches for women. Most are associated with the fashion industry and have evolved from clothing lines, and Guess Watches is no exception. This popular and innovative maker has designed some […]

Designer Watches – Classic Dress Style

The world of fashion is dominated by some famous names, many of which have been around for as long as we can remember. These are designer brands that endure, and they do so because they continue to innovate and inspire, and to provide quality that is second to none. The world of watches is similar: […]

Calvin Klein Women’s Watches – Sophistication on your Wrist

Ever since its inception in the late 1960’s, the fashion house of Calvin Klein has epitomised flair and sophistication to each successive generation of fashion followers.   Wearing a Calvin Klein coat, dress, suit or even underwear proves that the wearer is someone with a knowledge and understanding of style.  So by choosing to wear a […]