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EYES opened: Fusion watches overdue since 2010

Eco-Drive, being just a light-powered quartz movement and not mechanical is not a Purist’s cuppa unless he has been fascinated by a watch’s design concepts and overall attention to detail. And that’s exactly what the watch-world was delighted about in 2013. The EYES showcase applications of traditional Japanese aesthetics of utilizing natural light and shadow […]

A Short review of the AT0797-01E

The AT0797-01E is an Eco-Drivechronograph from Citizen’s July 2009 collection. This one was Citizen’s first attempt towards incorporating more-than-one newly developed technologies that flaunted through enthralling timepieces. The first one is definitely Eco-Drive converting light into electrical energy; the other one is a high performance chronograph mechanism (59 minutes in 1/59 increments). It’s both hardy […]

AT4008-51E: One watch fits all

Ever since Eco-Drive made to the scene, Citizen is belting out new, innovative models relentlessly, almost every season. The bars have certainly risen as Citizen’s take on chronographs and multifunctional watches has embraced too some extremely innovative styles. So the looks versus functionalities debate has been put to rest (until at least some time) and […]

Holla! Ze Campanola!

It’s either art or it’s not art; there’s nothing in between. This is one place that you can traverse without worrying on the gray pitfalls. But much to surprise, the Campanola defied this set norm and that too royally, kind of like that plump chick who’s not much on looks but cooks excellent food and […]

Citizens and Denizens: A congenital connection

Citizens are for unique style statements that embrace latest technologies for a comfortable existence. It is endurance, credibility and reliability, all within the same package. Those who can afford more than one watch will often have a Citizen besides his own personal choice, while many single-watch guys chose a Citizen just because one suffices for […]

When to choose the Citizen?

The question eithermakes me sound like someone without even a speck of knowledge about worldly affairs; worse, a boor without any preference or a fool lacking direction where to put his money in. But all that aside, I certainly believe every person has his own set of theories to speak about and it’s not at all […]

A Review Of Citizen Men’s Eco Drive Chronograph Watch AT0608-13L

This Citizen Eco drive chronograph watch is a very nice looking watch.  This watch is a solar power watch. The face of this watch is really impressive. This watch has blue dial with easy to read numerals with white strips.  This watch is equipped with features including a 24 hour display and chronograph function that […]

A Review Of Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph AT1091-54F AT1091 Men’s Watch

The Eco-Drive wrist watch appears to be environmentally friendly product. Among other important features, there is s diver styled titanium rotating bezel, chronometer, tachymeter, dual time zone as well as alarm clock. At the same time, The Citizen men’s Eco-Drive time piece is light weight. The Eco-Drive wrist watches are water resistant up to 660 […]

A Close Look At Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Skyhawk Titanium JR3060-67E Pilot Men’s Watch

There are many Citizen Promaster watches are available in the market. Citizen’s eco-drive Titanium JR3060-67E is a solid tough designed watch. This watch charges in both sunlight and indoors as well. It has One touch interchangeable Analog / digital times feature. Citizen Promaster Watches series combines revolutionary technology and high precision engineering designs to come […]

A Closer look at Citizen Retrograde Dual Time Eco-Drive World Time BR0010-56E BR0010 Watch

Citizen presents the Retrograde Eco Drive, a Dual time watch. Citizen’s famed Eco-Drive movement is powered by light and never needs a battery change (once fully charged by light, the watch will work for upwards of 6 months in the dark). At 12 o’clock is a bigger date window which can be easily visible by […]