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Top 10 Zeppelin watch models to let you fly high in 2022

Introduction Today, we look at one of the most popular brands of Flieger watches of German origin. They are pretty much atypical of what we usually understand as Flieger or Pilot’s watches. They resemble more the instrument dials of the industrial steam-powered machinery.of the 19th-century. You’d be wrong to think that Saxon watch-making excellence is

“You gave quartz a bad name”: No, not really!

“Both mainstream and niche watch collectors’ culture gave quartz a bad name for it killing (well, almost) the mechanical watch industry the world always held in high regards!” Judging a movement on the basis of ‘how it is fabricated’ and ‘where it is fabricated’ has raised quite a few many debates along the way.  A

Moon Phase: Useless, impractical, emotionally appealing

Horological tinkerers aside, even knobs had it defended; such is its entertaining absurdity! Phasing-in, slowly The moon phase complication has attracted many a debate over the years. Despite appearing out of place on a limited number of models, its historical and aesthetic appeal overrules its functional aspects. A complication that’s oddly appealing; to some, there’s

Precision timekeeping-IV: Beyond simple quartz technology

RC or GPS – What should be your choice?   On our way to pick the right one You can always take an easy way out dodging past that question, going for the GPS-Atomic hybrid; the system combining GPS signals and standard radio waves from multiple locations to display an accurately accurate time. Many would;

Why should you buy an Orient?

A significant reason behind: More than a reason, it’s the love about something that can never go wrong! Sounds judgmental, right? It will, the first time. As days shall roll by, you’ll be proved wrong again. Now you will admit that the love covers just any model from the brand; not just the luxury ones.

Newsletter: Citizen Watches on Sale – Coupon code inside!!

Citizen Watches on Sale – Coupon code inside!!

We move beyond the sheer-sized discounts that you usually find at the Creationwatches roster. This time, you can buy your favourite Citizen watch at an extra 8% discounted price with the use of the Coupon Code: CITIZEN, Which means, you opt for advanced technologies – like the slimmest of all LCD watches to the first

For social peacocks this time!

We are now pretty much used to watches that do more than just telling the time. I’m not quite sure how many people opt for them out of pure appreciation as opposed to their sheer inability for draping around a banner with their personal details on it; in my not so humble opinion, it is

Cost: From a vegan perspective

“Hamesha itnie kimti ghadiya kaheko lagaata?” – “Why do you put on such costly watches every time?” Things are not much different in India. Here, too, the craft of watch-making comes under siege at times. Stepping into the battleground thus created is a matter of choice; to defend it; plain, cold logic is enough. Their

G-Shock Frogman: Dive to worry-free wearing

Watch wearing habits and the name of Casio are no stranger to each other; most of us got Casio as their first high-school watch. The trend still continues; only the products got much better. The somewhat tough Casio digital watches emerged as the Casio G-Shock, symbolizing toughness rivaled by none! No other watch maker till

Seiko squabble in a soaring spirit

My tiff with Gonzo over Seiko spun to insane heights as we were entering them new lot into the roster; it’s incredibly diverse line responsible. I got no shame admitting my familiarity with all them variations is tad less (to put it delicately) than Gonzo but that doesn’t mean you need to turn horological marvels

Seiko Kinetic battleships: Premier, Sportura and Velatura

Let’s not get into any tilt on whether you can really compare watches to armaments. Cartier had built a Tank earlier and built like a tank is a phrase used often in the watch-dom; so deductive logic does the rest and I’m more than happy calling them so. It’s the ocean of time, so it

Velatura SRX010P1: Blue without one

Following the 31st bash, there was another afternoon of old boys gone wild. We don’t get to share much time with one particular fellow; his office always keeps him aloof, on foreign lands, which is good, in a way. His trips proved fruitful for me a couple of times; however, cutting the long story short

Citizen Signatures: You won’t like another chrono

A casual wearer or buyer won’t know about these. The Citizen Signature Collection is the tool that promoted Citizen ECO-Drive to the classes formerly ruled by Cartier and Rolex. Not even the Campanola luxury line could invade that; it is solely the Signature Collection that has made luxury and craftsmanship available at a fraction of the price

Very Special Watch goes to Auction

Sometimes an event occurs in the world of watch collecting that simply has to be reported. The appearance of an extremely collectable and sought-after Patek Philippe wristwatch at an upcoming auction at Bonhams in the USA. The sale will take place in three locations – New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco – at the

Citizen Eco Drive Moon Phase BU0011-63ZB

  Features: • Moon Phase indicator • Multi Hands • Date • Eco Drive Solar • Caliber: Citizen 8730 Made in Japan • Dial: Brown • 100m Water resistant Case • Stainless Steel Case and bracelet • Sapphire crystal which makes it scratch resistant Battery • Eco Drive: Runs on Solar energy. So never needs