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Seiko SNKK  – The jack of all trades watch

The Seiko SNKK all throughout, has been an oft-overlooked Seiko 5. It’s quite tough grasping the legacy unless you know the Seiko 5 history. The completely clueless can read it from official Seiko 5 website later on; for now, you are in a discussion about a performance, reliability and lasting of a better standard than […]

Cost: From a vegan perspective

“Hamesha itnie kimti ghadiya kaheko lagaata?” – “Why do you put on such costly watches every time?” Things are not much different in India. Here, too, the craft of watch-making comes under siege at times. Stepping into the battleground thus created is a matter of choice; to defend it; plain, cold logic is enough. Their […]

Sapphire vs. Gorilla Glass: Anticipating the winner

Gonzo’s take on Sapphire cleverly dodges past the central point, which is, technicality. Not that I know a great deal about it, but I’m sure there are more like me who would like to read about it. Hopefully, Gonzo will post something soon that addresses the technology and technicality behind sapphire, so I’d like to put […]

ASK Gonzo about watches – I

Unlearn the unnecessary in the world of mid-tier and mid-entry-level luxury watches. Let the Watch Gonzo guide your course through the roundabouts and swirly labyrinths and rid-off all your horological ignorance. How well your prenominal viewpoints face the blow is beside the context, but it will definitely remove the crusty covers barring your illumination.  Dear WG, […]

Watch selection – Keeping things simple this time

There’s a huge lot waiting in the dress domain yet most of us dive straight into the eye-candy stuff that carry little value in their movements. Beneath all that expensive dials and glasses runs a quartz movement oftentimes; rest are run-of-the mill automatics with nothing great to offer. Even the most inexpensive watch must capture […]

The Seiko caliber family-story

Seiko’s long-standing tradition of nouveau tech is currently a standard in horology by which many others are measured. Some stand at par with names identical to haute horology and its some of their innovations that made the show. The old Seiko calibers are certainly worth a tooth or an eye, but you must be able […]

Casio Rangeman: The 3-sensor battle gear

I’m not the person who would give his front two teeth for digital watches; nevertheless, seeing the kind of advanced technology going into some of the Casio G-Shocks is bound to get you intrigued. That’s to say, the Casio Master of G Rangeman GW9400. It’s meant for achieving heights, but not depending upon wings, engines […]

Seiko Map Meter – Not for the seas

Yes, it’s quite disheartening to some but that’s how it is. You cannot have everything in one package, so whatever little you get, you must get it good. The MM does it wonderfully, as wonderfully as swapping between metal bracelets and nylon bands. Given it is big and thick (and therefore, stands out on the […]

Why service a mechanical watch?

There’s no denying that some very tough watches are around that can go ticking for ages with simple care like a wipe and not throwing it deliberately under truck wheels. But mechanical parts run and last a lot better with periodic adjustments and lubrication. With state of the art air/water sealing, the lubricant may last a […]

Work-wear watches: The drive to GO!

The ideal work-wear watch should be an even blend of style and precision, durable but whoever says it has to be bland is bullshitting. That’s some 20 years or older mindset and applies today only to a handful of situations; the current times (more so if you are into outsourcing business) demand multiple timekeeping (and […]