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Clearing the ‘Mall Watches’ stigma (II)

Mall Ninja gave you enough entertainment, I presume. Them willing to catch up with the entire conversation, this is for you! Mulling ‘bout the mall Shopping malls today are vastly different from what we saw as kids. It’s much more now than the previous days’ ‘just a few times larger supermarket image. There are hardly

“You gave quartz a bad name”: No, not really!

“Both mainstream and niche watch collectors’ culture gave quartz a bad name for it killing (well, almost) the mechanical watch industry the world always held in high regards!” Judging a movement on the basis of ‘how it is fabricated’ and ‘where it is fabricated’ has raised quite a few many debates along the way.  A

What kind of goods are watches?

“Since when did logic invade the realms of luxury; may I ask you back?” Disclaimer It’s not an attempt in evading the very question hurled; it’s rather an attempt to draw a parameter around which, an answer to an equation we perhaps could attempt finding out for a clear answer at the end. For, why

How do you find the luxury watch perfect for you?

Navigating the complicated, online maze for that perfect timepiece is fun till you feel dazed and confused. This is the time when you feel like throwing away your preferences and going for the next one you come across; worse, you give up the spree altogether. Should you have stayed focused on a few, good points;

Swiss Fossil – Your Swiss ‘go-to’ watch!

With Fossil, truth be told, you can never get too serious. Yes, they do have some very interesting designs that charm you all the way through but you can never sport one as much fervidly as you would with – say, an Omega! Fossil does make for excellent office-wears for executives and mid-managerial posts; it’s

For social peacocks this time!

We are now pretty much used to watches that do more than just telling the time. I’m not quite sure how many people opt for them out of pure appreciation as opposed to their sheer inability for draping around a banner with their personal details on it; in my not so humble opinion, it is

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronographs: Sequels are not always a bad thing

It’s unique! Omega’s maritime legacy shines brighter through the new Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronographs. The current Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean series is the first chronographs ever from the brand to be certified as Master Chronometers. Back in 2015 The Globemaster is Omega’s first to earn the Master Chronometer title. Omega further approached METAS (The Swiss

Newsletter : CYBER MONDAY Sales NOW LIVE!

Our roundup of the best of the best in affordable luxury watches for Cyber Monday are now under a special, additional discount of 8% on ANY watch on You avail that privilege when you apply Coupon Code : CYBERMONDAY. at checkout. For even greater discounts, check out these 200 watches to avail an additional

Newsletter : Black Friday Sale Starts Now!

The Christmas Shopping season starts! Black Friday marks its starting. Take advantage of the deals we bring you this time; they apply in general and also on specific collections. For 200 specific watches, you get a flat 15% discount on the fixed price when you use the Coupon Code : BFSALE. and for others, an

Revisiting Co-Axial: Getting rid of a dilemma (Part II)

Hello, my good folks, how have you been? Had been too easygoing the past few weeks; it’s the penning down of the rest of the co-axial instalment took the toll. It’s time to put right things that went awry. In our previous instalment, we overlooked the issues Omega faced with the first coaxial movements. Truth

Revisiting Co-Axial: Getting rid of a dilemma (Part I)

Often we face questions about whether Co-Axial signifies a specific type of movement or if it is some specific grade applied to the Omega calibres. Since it’s been quite some time we discussed it last, I wish to go back over the whole thing to clear the confusion once and for all. Firstly, Co-Axial is

Newsletter : Cyber Monday Week – Discount Coupon on ALL watches inside!

We all like good things to be extended. So, here’s Cyber Monday, to make the spirit of Black Friday continue! It’s the last wave of the holiday sales season, so make the most of it. 250 lucky users of the coupon code CMSALEWEEK for 250 selected watches will avail an extra 10% discount on the

Newsletter : Cyber Monday Sale is on – Last Chance to Save up to 88% off on Watches!

This Cyber Monday, Creationwatches brings you offers that you can’t resist! On one hand, there is a 15% discount on selected 250 watches when you use the coupon code CMSALE, while on the other, we are making available the rest of the stock with an additional 8% on the regular slashed prices with the use

Seamaster Planet Ocean: Suits well the wet-suit obsessed

A certain person sent us a query regarding the Omega. She seems to have grown tired of him wearing digital monstrosities even when they are out on dates. “…If the only thing that I’ve started disliking about him is wearing his G-Shocks on a romantic dinner for two. His obsession about the outdoors has now

CONSTELLATION: For the starry cluster

Astronomy says constellation is a term that refers singularly to a cluster of stars. They move around the space quite consistently and therefore, their movements are predictable. So Omega thought of naming their range of luxurious ladies’ chronometers accordingly and it’s also true that the name Constellation has been used previously by the brand to