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The EDOX Icons Reborn: 7 watches to break the norms


The EDOX pre-talk In today’s post, we’ll look into a brand that deserves a close inspection but somehow gets missed out upon most of the times. Amidst the flurry of diver watches that keep our lines of vision occupied, this one breaks us free from the fetters that have brainwashed us into believing that ‘dive’

Against hard knocks: Shock protection measures in mechanical watches

mechanical watches

Shock protection: A couple of quick facts Shock protection in watches was not around since day one. Had it been, we wouldn’t have had so many mechanical watches coming to abrupt halts following impacts or drops. They plain caused the balances – with large diameters and mass – to break at the fine pivots that

Best Titanium Watches for Men

Titanium Watches for Men

It doesn’t seem this ongoing debate concerning two of the most popular metals will meet its end any soon. You’ll find the ‘Steel vs Titanium‘ debates popping up here and there many moons after you’ve been through this piece. Besides, now that things are not like before, it turns the matter even more complicated!

Top 10 Zeppelin watch models to let you fly high in 2022

Introduction Today, we look at one of the most popular brands of Flieger watches of German origin. They are pretty much atypical of what we usually understand as Flieger or Pilot’s watches. They resemble more the instrument dials of the industrial steam-powered machinery.of the 19th-century. You’d be wrong to think that Saxon watch-making excellence is