What embarked as Team Tough or as we call it now, the reliable Casio G-Shock started with the concept of creating a watch that’s practically indestructible. After rigorous testing and improvements, the birth of the first G-Shock happened in 1983 and that’s how the DW-5OOOD came to be.

Cut to the present, the G-Shock lineup has significantly expanded in size and has many great watches featuring revolutionary designs, sturdy exteriors along with protective shock resistance technology inside. One popular series that comes it mind is the classic G-Shock Mudmaster (not to be confused with Mudman!). Undeniably, the Mudmaster being one of the more  expensive models has played a huge role behind the mainstream nature of the G-Shock lineup.

But expensive doesn’t always count as the best and this is what takes us to the G-Shock Rangeman, a series that gives a better performance (arguably) within a much lower price range. Yes, both series have different features. While the Rangemn is built for relentless outdoors, the Mudmaster can survive muddy days with ease.

But nobody is looking to be stuck muddy situations all the time, so except that, how can you decide between these watches? Well, for those who want a good tool watch with the reliability of Casio G-Shock, we’ll compare the Mudmaster and Rangeman in terms of design and features. May the best Casio watch win!

Casio G-Shock Rangeman

There’s just something about the classic look and digital display of the Casio Rangeman series that reminds you of vintage casio from the good old days. The Rangeman has a reputation for being one of the least expensive G-Shock series with lots of good functions that comes very handy in all outdoor situations. Even though the Rangeman series offers the same level of resilience as any other G-Shock, the series is often overlooked for the full digital look. But the looks are one of its best features since no other mainstream watch manufacturer offers the built of G-Shock in a complete digital lineup. Also, the digital display keeps the watch less prone to maintenance and relatively cheap.

Apart from the cool looks and the tank-like built of this Casio digiital watch, the Rangeman is the perfect everyday tool/beater watch if you’re looking for a sleek and comfortable fit for your wrist. Plus, if you are a fan of modding, there’s nothing better. Even the modding options for this series is relatively cheap and wide in variety compared to other watches.


As soon as you look at any watch from the Casio Rangeman series, you’ll notice the glaring difference in the display – it’s all digital! When you’re outside, its undoubtedly more convenient to read the digital display than an analog or an analog-digital dial. Arguably, it may becomes a bit difficult to read in low light conditions, but the Rangeman series makes up for this little oversight by including so many handy functions. Users have said that compared to bulkier watches, the size of the Rangeman further makes it so easy to use the functions.

Even with the lightweight profile, it’s impossible to forget that the watch has high-quality resin and mineral glass built with Casio’s 200m water resistance, making it resilient to almost any kind of outdoor impact. Yes, since you ask, the models could use slight upgrades, namely the mineral glass can be replaced with a sapphire crystal for more durability. But in the end, it still works as good as other G-Shock watches while features like digital LCD and mineral glass keep the price range accesible to all.

Key Features

  • Triple Sensor: Measures altitude, barometric pressure, temperature, and direction, providing essential environmental data for outdoor activities.
  • G-Shock Tough Solar Power: Can be powered even in the lowest light source, eliminating the need for battery changes.
  • Shock and Water Resistance: Built to withstand up to 200 meters of water depth, along with resistance to mechanical shock and vibrations.
  • Radio-Controlled Timekeeping: Multi-Band 6 technology keeps time accurate across time zones.
  • Sunrise/sunset times: Displays the exact time of Sunrise and sunset depending on the DST of your location.
  • Additional Features: Some models in the series may also include a compass, thermometer, world time, sunrise/sunset data, LED backlight, alarms, stopwatch, and countdown timer.

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster

The quality that gives G-Shock watches a higher status in the market is the tough, tank-like built designed to endure any impact, perfect for extreme adventures. Casio uses a special impact resistant covering on the mechanisms to cushion even the inner part from heavy impacts. But if every G-Shock watch has the ability to withstand all impacts, what makes Casio Mudmaster series so different?

Apart from just withstanding the shocks, the Mudmaster series does exactly what the name suggests. The watch has the ability to withstand muddy waters and dusty terrains. The inner mechanism of your watch can be ruined if mud and dust gathers inside. The Mudmaster’s buttons are safeguarded by cylinder-shaped stainless steel covers designed to drain mud and water quickly and prevent dust and mud infiltration.


The G-Shock Mudmaster series is built like a tank, following the reputation of the lineup. Although, we would say that the series is has a heavy-duty build even when compared among other G-Shock watches. With materials like resin, stainless steel, sapphire crystal and forged carbon, the case may look bulky but it’s actually quite lightweight (GWG-1000 being the heaviest of the series at 119gm). At the same time, the bulky size may be an uncomfortable fit for some users. The dual-layer LCD display is mostly analog but there are a few analog-digital models as well and flaunts complications like compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer.

Key Features

  • Triple Sensor: Offers essential outdoor data with a digital compass, altimeter, and barometer/thermometer.
  • World Time: Covers 31 time zones, featuring daylight saving toggles.
  • Mud Resistance: Keeps out mud, dirt, and dust, ensuring functionality in all environments.
  • Solar Power: Utilizes the G-Shock Tough Solar technology for light-powered, battery-free operation.
  • Atomic Timekeeping: Ensures accuracy with Multiband 6 radio-controlled timekeeping across multiple regions.
  • Extras: Some models also include a 1/10-second stopwatch, countdown timer, and 5 daily alarms with snooze, all illuminated by a Super Illuminator LED backlight.

Comparing The Two

There you have it! It looks like a tough choice for watch lovers since both the Casio G-Shock series have a lot to offer. At this point, the choice borders a lot on personal preference as well. You may prefer the convenience of a digital watch or the elegance of a good analog. Let’s see if we can narrow it down a bit more:


Undoubtedly, the Mudmaster has a tougher look than the Rangeman. But when compared, the functions on the Mudmaster can be tough to use due to the extra casing on the watch for protection from mud. On the other hand, the Rangeman has a more sleek feel with easily reachable buttons.

Moreoever, the Casio Rangeman series provides a wider scope for variety in terms of modding and other improvements while the Mudmaster does not. Ultimately though, it depends on personal preference since both the watches have a G-Sock build but differ heavily in looks. The analog display of the Mudmaster and the digital display of the Rangeman can be a deciding factor in this case. However, the Rangeman’s clean and old-school dial is something many people like nowadays.

Also the Rangeman has a streamlined profile that can easily handle tough adventures but looks like its also suited for everyday casual wear. The Casio Mudmaster series has a bulky build, and if you ask us, it looks like it was built to take in everything, hence doesn’t exude an everyday vibe.


Both Casio G-Shock series have functions that make them a gem for extreme outdoor activities. Coming to the build, both their structures use strong shock-proof materials. The only difference is the sapphire crystal dial of the Mudmaster with the Mineral Glass dial of the Rangeman. The Mudmaster has a stronger build in this regard, but this also hikes up its prices to an extent.

Functionally, the Rangeman surpasses the Mudmaster by integrating the latest technological advancements with practical applications. While both watches boast exceptional durability and environmental resistance, the Rangeman includes upgraded features such as solar powered GPS navigation and one touch stopwatch, which are invaluable for precise navigation in remote areas.

Our Verdict

Both the Casio G-Shock watches hold their own in the world of tool/beater watches. For their robust build and rugged looks. The notable differences are the price points of both the watches. Owing to the full digital display and mineral glass dial, the Rangeman is priced much more reasonably than the Mudmaster. The Mudmaster provides excellent protection from mud and dust while the Rangeman is your quintessential classic G-Shock. Seeing that the Mudmaster offers just extra protection from mud, is the price justified for that?

If you’re thinking that all G-shock watches are 200m water resistant at the very least, so going by that isn’t the Rangeman protected against mud and water as well? Well, the Rangeman isn’t going to break down under muddy situations, although it may require some extra cleaning. The problem arises only if the mud gets inside the watch’s mechanism. The Mudmaster has a special covering to protect against this. But this can be easily avoided with the Rangeman if it’s not exposed to mud and dust for very long periods and you’re cleaning it thoroughly.

So if you want a generally tough built functional watch, the G-Shock Rangeman is definitely a justified option at a really affordable price range. The Rangeman is smaller in size, has an easy display and is the more functional watch altogether. If you’re not under strenuous, muddy situations for prolonged time, it may be redundant to invest in a Casio Mudmaster watch in the long run.

The Future Of Casio Rangeman Is Here

Just in time for the new year, Casio introduced two brand new releases in the Rangeman series. The GPR-H1000-9 and GPR H1000-1. Apart from the classic G-Shock resilience, the new models will also feature Bluetooth smartphone link, wired USB charging, and solar-assisted charging. They will be a vast upgrade over the old GW-9400 and the GPR-B1000 with support for nine outdoor activities, six sensors plus GPS, and a super-illuminator display.

If lack of interesting colour choises was your complain from the pre-existing Rangeman series, then these models are here to impress in vibrant yellow and bold black colours, with an even cooler metal mud-resistant structure. The colours go really well with the complete digital display of the series.

In case you were unsure about your choice, we think the new models are very convincing. They hint at the brand’s future plans of upgrading this series further without changing the core digital display to analog-digital. We believe that the release of these models with updated features and looks can easily beat the G-Shock Mudmaster series.

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