It’s been many years I’m frittering over timepieces. I frankly admit my initial choices were more of impulse purchases on watch brands, not watches. There’s no hard and fast rule that a reputed brand shall always bring out worthy timepieces, barring JLC or Patek or Sohne or the rest meant only for the rich. Most of them I’ve given away (there’s never a shortage of takers for flashy stuff and that too free) but one impulse purchase of mine actually turned into an investment! It survived situations where my other watches would probably give off.

It’s a G-Shock bought some time back, just when smart phones were making into our lives. My G-Shock couldn’t make a call or play mp3, so it was kind of a personal pleasure. I could have thrilled others showing how useful the features and specs are to me if I was a paramedic, or a police officer, or an astronaut; in fire service or in the armed forces. Today, I take pleasure finding my friends’ prized possessions now dead and forgotten and mine still shining after quite a few hurls on the asphalt and almost an equal number of dips in muddy waters. It made to the sand and the sea only a couple of times (that too for less than 3 days each time), so no idea how long it would smile in the salt.

This virtual indestructibility of the G-Shock (and a wide range of designs; there’s a G-Shock for every battle you fight) earned it a fervent following as varying as Japanese schoolgirls to NATO military men. And out of curiosity, many tried taking abuses to maximum limits. Trying to break a G-Shock – all admitted – is tough. The watches survived throws from skyscrapers, run over, frozen – and even boiled! They came out tough as nails. Every time.

So, my next target is a Gravity Defier. This watch offers incredible functionality, which my luxury timepieces won’t. I’m back to motorcycling and can’t afford to get my Seiko or my Citizen banged. It’s incredibly accurate in doing its jobs. Besides, I find this one specifically more luxurious and tough-looking than the rest in the serious. It’s different from my 44 or 45-mm chunks of steel but delivers the same feel. Tried it out at the local Casio dealer today. Order it first thing in the New Year.

Wish you a great 2014 ahead!