Motor Sport and Watches – a Perfect Match

Tissot Veloci-T Chronograph T024.417.17.051.00 Mens Watch
Tissot Veloci-T Chronograph T024.417.17.051.00 Mens Watch

The high octane world of motor racing has always been a glamorous one. With NASCAR offering close up thrills, Indycar keeping the open cockpit fans happy and Formula One on its way back to America with a purpose there is plenty for the auto-racing fan to enjoy. Across the years there have been many occasions when watches have been promoted by motor sports: who could, after all, veer forget the classic Heuer Monaco, much imitated and available in replica form, that was famously worn by the likes of Steve McQueen, the Hollywood legend? This classic of watch design offered the square face that is its trademark even now, a superb innovation and a look that is simply wonderful, half a century after its debut.

One of the biggest names in motor-sport is Ferrari, and even in the USA it is a brand that has power. Ferrari has long been associated with some top line brands- notably the up-market Panerai – and recognises that people who buy expensive, hand-crafted high performance cars are going to want specially crafted, high performance watches to complete the look. It’s a branding exercise that works, and one that is often inspired.

Some of the auto-racing inspired watches cost a great deal of money, but it’s easy to get the look without breaking the bank. Typically, such a Sports Watch will be a chronograph model, and it is perfectly simply to find a beautiful, sporty chronograph watch without having to take out a loan. The Seiko Chronograph SNN237P1 is a perfect example of a beautifully styled chronograph, and comes from a company that is not only one of the world’s premier watch makers, but one that has long been associated with motor sport. What’s more, you can buy this brilliant watch for less than $200.

Fast cars and classy watches go together, and always will; Tissot has been involved in many forms of motorsport as a sponsor and partner in the past, and it shows in superb designs such as the Tissot Veloci-T Chronograph, a speedy looking and very stylish chronograph that would look the part on any wrist. Perhaps it’s because the development of wrist-watches ran hand in hand with that of the automobile and the aeroplane in the early part of the 20th century that watches will always be associated with cars and planes, but whatever the reason we are privileged to have such a diverse and innovative choice of watches on the market.

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