Casio G-Shock G-1200G-1A – One of the Best Value Watches by Casio

The G-Shock G-1200G-1A is one of the best value multifunction watches that Casio has to offer. One of the most popular diving watches on the market, the G-1200G-1A features the Tough Solar technology made popular by Casio as a patented battery charging system used in the G-Shock line of watches. This technology allows the watch to not only convert sunlight into power but it will also use other sources of light such as indoor fluorescent lamps. This light is used by miniature solar panels inside the watch to harness electric power to re-charge the built-in battery, thus increasing its ability to keep multiple functions running at once. Another great function of this watch is that it displays to-the- minute time from 29 cities across the globe using coordinated universal time. This feature alone is a value to any world traveller in the market for a high quality watch at the best possible value. Among the many features on the face of this watch are the 1/100- second chronograph, which will measure elapsed or split time, sub dials, and a full automatic calendar that is pre-programmed through the year 2099.

Casio G-Shock G-1200G-1A Gravity Defier Mens Watch
Casio G-Shock G-1200G-1A Gravity Defier Mens Watch

While this watch serves many functions and offers many benefits, it is also an attractive time piece that will certainly attract compliments for the wearer. White luminescent sword hands sweep around the face ticking off the seconds while orange and white hands help to compliment the sub dials. The contrasting colors of the hands offer a clear interface and assist in identifying exactly the information you are after. One of the finest features on the face of the watch are the luminescent Arabic numbers that are placed perfectly at twelve, three and six o’clock while the nine position of the face has been dedicated to the day of the week. In addition, the sub dials also feature Arabic numbers which look handsome with the indices. The minutes on the face are clearly indicated with grey indices which follow the outer track of the time piece.

The G-1200G-1A also features a rugged military style olive strap with a finely textured grid pattern. However, to make the strap even more attractive, it is finished with a polished gunmetal clasp for a very robust look. The bezel also features a matte olive resin which has been engraved with the yellow G-Shock logo and olive Arabic numbers. Around the bezel, the watch offers a shock resistant metal and matte grey case which was specifically designed to combat centrifugal gravity loads. The outer case also has attractive gunmetal selector buttons along with a case back that is stainless steel. All of these features help to make this watch water resistant up to over 660 feet deep which is why this watch has become a popular choice for serious divers that are looking for an exceptional value. Whether you are a recreational diver, an accomplished aviator, or just a weekend adventurer, the Casio G-Shock G-1200G-1A will provide you with all of the tools you will need in a moment’s notice at a very reasonable price.

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