Going back some 30 years along the timeline reveals the G-Shock setting the core values in toughness; things didn’t change even 30 years down the line apart from the fact things got even better! Today, it also translates to the same thing, be it any model.

With respect to that, the new slew of these tech-looking, plastic, resin and metal watches is well suited for a generation who are dying to break the traditional grounds in the field of watch-wearing.  These are for the crowd who demand high-durability within a price that simply can’t be beat!

However, the biggest reason these analog/digital timepieces become worthy of strapping to the wrists is, every piece is a minicomputer even the snobbiest watch-snob can’t deny! For, a global cultural phenomenon can’t be denied. From pro-skaters to members of the elite forces; from hip-hop stars to the computer geek – everyone loves a G-Shock! Whether you want to give the credits to Kikuo Ibe fully or not, the unquestionable durability of G-Shock-s was definitely his brainchild. Whether you handle corrosive chemicals in the lab or roll in the mud or slush, the G-Shock on your hand seems just as happy! No Swiss watch brand despite their sky-high claims about affiliations and certifications, can’t match a G-Shock; the Swiss watch, for the most of us, isn’t something you can slip on any day of the week.

Keeping durability aside, the G-Shock’s microprocessors are also something also to be noted; it’s a wonder how that much of serious computing power can be packed into something this tiny! This is what made them an industry leader in the fields of innovative – not just innovative, but also useful and practical – functionality. With a G-Shock on, you don’t need to bother about carrying compasses, calculators, thermometers, altimeters or GPS systems separately – such is their versatility! With the introduction of carbon fiber, their appeal increased tenfold!

Let’s see which among the celebrities are mad about G-Shocks. Todd Jordan, for example; those into skateboarding and photography need no introduction of him. The reason? It caters to creative, laid-back activities as much as about when it comes down to kicking some serious asses.

Or take Kanye, Pharrell and Bathing Ape. These hip-hop stars love the huge, colourful look of the G-Shock; it matches their funky outlook to life. The rapper redman like it even more when it’s bigger and bolder; his special-edition G-Shock featuring the neo-brite lume.

But look beyond the celebrity side of the G-Shock; it’s the die-hard men (and women) who are always game for it; no matter how high the price climbs! You shouldn’t lose the chance to grab them when they are still low and the time is ripe!

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i. https://www.creationwatches.com/products/casio-g-shock-57/index-2.html

ii. https://www.creationwatches.com/products/new-products/

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