Casio is a very well known company that has been responsible for making much nice watch. They first took on the competition with their many calculator models and perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. This Watch Casio is made up of the resin case and resin band. This watch is works on quartz movement.  The quartz wrist watch has become a stable time piece for anybody with a need to be on time. Quartz movements can now be found everywhere from toasters to calculators. This Casio Watch is known for its innovative time pieces. They are not only well-made watches, but stylish as well. Men with a fashion-forward sense of style will particularly appreciate receiving a wristwatch from this cutting-edge watch maker.

This watch is a handsome and multi-functional Chronograph Watch manufactured by the Casio Watch Company with aviation and military styling. It is suitable for multiple types of wear, including aviation, business and casual wear. This Men’s Watch has features found on more expensive timepieces. This watch has 8-Digit Calculator which is Auto-calendar to year 2079. The Digital Display Time display in 12/24 formats. This watch also provide some other good features like alarm and dual time. This Casio classic watch has 1/100 Sec Stopwatch – 23: 59’59.99”. The Case Diameter is 45 x 36 x 11 mm (H W D) and Weight is 28g. Weight: 28g. Watches are a very important part of our daily attire. Our day to day living and functioning is dependent on these time pieces as they keep us updated with the time. Quartz is such a chemical compound which is known as Silicon dioxide. The mechanism used here is very intricate and complex.

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Some Important Features:

Casio Classic Quartz Calculator CA-56-1DF CA-56-1 Men's Watch
Casio Classic Quartz Calculator CA-56-1DF CA-56-1 Men's Watch

Resin Case
Resin Band
Quartz Movement
8-Digit Calculator
Dual Time
1/100 Sec Stopwatch – 23: 59’59.99”
12/24-hour formats
Auto-calendar (to year 2079)
Digital Display
Water Resist

Case Diameter: 45 x 36 x 11 mm (H W D)
Weight: 28g

This watch is available for US $35.00 with us.
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