By no means I want to tell you wearing a watch will turn you sexy or it will change your self-destructing habits; heck, watches are no magic charms that you slap on your wrist and BINGO! There’s a new you! No, not even your wildest dreams. But a watch does tell the world about your good taste and more than that, your taste and habits have changed for better.

When I wore my first watch (a Casio Databank that looked something like this one), I won’t make tall claims that it changed my life but definitely, it gave me a new outlook towards how I perceive time and self and the way others started perceiving me. Okay, agreed that was two decades back and commodities were less and what’s considered nothing nowadays was a big thing back then; the point here is, humans change with time and certain things indicate that change. The watch is just that.

It didn’t take long after that me getting serious about watches. However, to cut the long story short, watch collecting created a system for me that worked as I strived to create a life of intention. No, the watch didn’t lead me towards it but gave me the necessary boost to clear my values on various aspects of life. Today, watch collecting is not a compulsion to me; it’s more of owning something of value. I found out being macho or sexy is about being responsible and sticking to commitments. Managing time the easier way is a vital part of it, so now you know why watches occupy a big chunk of my life.

I do agree that my inclination to watches kept me off the cell phones for quite some time; I didn’t need one to tell me the time or alert me at a scheduled time; besides, reaching for the pockets everytime I need to check time (that’s a compulsive behavior, if you don’t know), IMHO, is vulgar; just like discussing religion while watching pole dance. So the watch thing caught on and it will be so unless something drastically blows my brains off! Today I own a smartphone but that’s more to fix meetings, search things online while at the go, listening to my favourite tracks and to watch certain movies which I can’t watch with the family and no, these four simple tasks leave little room for distraction, something very common when you are just pulling it out to check time.

There’s one more reason to it too. I hate carrying the 7-inch colossus around when I’m home; a watch like the Casio G-Shock Bluetooth V4.0 fits in here more comfortably. It gives me the freedom to use my hands for a broad range of works rather than providing a dedicated service to the cellphone. There’s no sentiment attached to watch wearing; just pure, simple need.

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  1. “…to watch certain movies which I can’t watch with the family…”

    Mhm…sure, we all know what you mean.

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