Amidst a plethora of American watch companies, Hamilton stands as an affordable entry. A lot of you might actually pounce on this chance to get Gonzo under your grip and come up with names like the Elgin or the Bulova, but hey! The first one is gone; the next, is now owned by Citizen. There’s nothing that’s Swiss about them; whereas Hamilton, though under the Swatch Group, is every bit Swiss but at the same time, the brand retains its American heritage! Enough said. Hamilton is still making legends and this time, they brought forth the best elements from the early American railroad and maritime era; from the WWII days when it adorned the wrists of the GI-s. So things are not as bad as the other two and till something better shows its face on this side of the pond, Hamilton shall represent higher-end timepieces that do not cost you an arm and a leg. Take a look around; just no other Swiss brand offers such fine models as the JazzMaster Maestro series at a price you might easily call low, down and dirty.

It’s a part of Hamilton’s American Classic line. If you were grown enough during the mid-‘60s hard bop and fusion era, you’ll easily grasp the feel; if you grew up later than that but into the music, it will prove an unadulterated pleasure of getting the taste of something you wish you could relish. A watch that would make a perfect fit on the wrists of such legends as Miles Davis, Coltrane and Archie Shepp, it gives you another chance to don the style of the men in hats. It’s that elegant!

Talking about the style, the Maestro does not go out of the way and create new grounds. It stays within the domain of dressy chronographs, all traditional but wins for accomplishing all that for so little, without sacrificing its uniqueness.

A peep into the insides and there’s the Valjoux 7750 movement, which is a nice deviation from the standard ETA. It’s a tried and true one and powers many other high-end chronographs. To match up with the current trends of fashion, the Maestro has grown bigger than what watches used to be in the days of yore; at 45mm, it fills the wrist as much not to show any skin but doesn’t step over the boundaries. All that it does is giving a clear view of the elegant, neat layout of watch face.

There’s bound to be sapphire crystal and a display case back with a watch like this; as an added extra, you get crocodile leather for the strap, not ordinary sheep skin or cow hide.  Dare to find another watch that has the JazzMaster Maestro’s features? Sure you do, but then again, be prepared to pay a price that’s several times higher than this!

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