For long I’ve overlooked some watches that are nice indeed. Call it narrowness or plain laze towards finding another way to self-surprise, it seems I kept myself off from a classic piece which should’ve made into my little collection more than a while back.

Recently I’d been into a debate session that ended in a quarrel on the subject of whether the bell rang before time. Organisers were sensible enough to keep a few extremely polite large guys who kind of erected walls around the situation and stopped it from fanning out and turn further serious. But oh, had the audience been sensible enough to carry a stopwatch each one! Public opinion does matter.

Question remains: Was I sensible enough? No, for I don’t own a chrono to go with formal outfits. Mine go with a tie and a sports jacket at the most, not formal evening wear. There was medium-light refreshment and mingling around plans in the schedule (following the debate), which got all screwed up. So you get the situation.

For those who are thinking otherwise: No! I wasn’t a participant; just an onlooker- one among the audience. That’s making me lurk around for a while in search of a chrono to go with my dinner jackets. The old-school will frown, but you need to change with time and its needs. Else, you are Jurassic!

But to wear the sporty feature while within the wine and champagne, you must choose it carefully. One simple glitch and you topple over at the artistic, traditional and technological carrefours. Here, the focus on great designs must be backed up by the latest technology to give things a hair-trigger response. But all that requires a delicate balance to be maintained, which the Tissot Tradition Chronograph does well.

IMHO, anyone looking for a below-$400 classic looking watch must give the Tissot Tradition a try. The gold frame with a thin bezel gives the watch a really spacious face that prevents the dial from appearing busy. Instead, it highlights its fine lines imparting a classy look. That’s nice enough for formal dressing. And nice enough for the first nice watch in your life. I also think it to be an exceptional model among the whole T-Classic Tradition range largely due to the subtlety of the chronograph subdials, lume-lessness, Dauphine hands and the lack of a tachymeter. That would look awful under the sapphire crystal extending almost to the edge of the watch case, just 5mm short from its overall diameter.

The ETA G10.211 quartz chronograph movement within is one of the workhorse engines for Tissot and most of Tissot quartzes run on it. Its reliability and sturdiness is impeccable!

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