Dress gatherings to weekends in jeans and t-shirts or maybe in swimming trunks, unless your search is a targeted one, there’s every chance that you will land up with the wrong watch on your wrist! Make the right choice and you’ll brandish a commanding style under every situation.

High-end horology offers many choices that anyone with a decent budget and in a bit of a hurry won’t think twice before pulling the trigger on a completely inappropriate choice. Should he/she have considered where they’re going and how they’re going there, finding that perfect luxury watch within affordable limits is not a big deal.

Taking the safest path

Monochrome is always the safest bet; be it for the halcyon days of summer or on the bitter, wintry mornings when you push to work. Black and steel makes a perfect match for any season; it’s a simple enough principle among the few that help you choose the watch. Plus, there are a ton of varieties where black, white and steel take turns to showcase their individual and collective flamboyance. They go well with earth-tones; grey, black and their blends and also with the black-and-white pattern pieces. To cite an example: An all-black watch with brown, beiges and khakis would look just fabulous.

Question remains: What kind of a watch it should be.

That brings us to point number 2.

Smarts, casuals and smart-casuals

There are watches bold enough to rock your look! Pilot, racing, dive, field, dress; all coming in two basic formats: Mechanical and quartz. Further classifications go into automatic and manual; Solar, Eco-Drive and mecha-quartz; still further, it divides into minimalistic, multifunction, moon-phases, chronographs, GMT, World- and Dual-time – the list is quite a long one. Let’s not get into that now. Instead, we take a look into the first six types.

  • Pilot Watches: No-nonsense, high-design pieces; mostly in stainless steel, some in other materials. It’s easy to pair them with most smart-casual outfits, their classic charm honoring the classic era of aviation.
  • Racing Watches: Race-inspired watches call out to hit the tarmacs TAG Heuer Formula 1 on a NATO strap that’s perfect for shorts at a garden party or catching a flight to a balmy isle. Or take a throwback tour with Tudor to revisit one of their beloved drivers’ watches. Inspired by a design from the 50s, the Black Bay Automatic Black Dial is also augmented with the iconic snowflake hands from Tudor’s late-60s efforts.
  • Dive Watches: Nothing needs an explanation; dive watches are gorgeous choices even when you don’t have a ton of cash to spare. They are sporty models that look amazing with outdoor wear. Some are dressier by default and pair well with business suits in neutral tones. Or, your Friday night outfits.
  • Field Watches: Probably the most varied of all, field watches tend to take in a little goodness from all other types. They are adequately water resistant, shock-proof; full of useful features and functions (chronograph, GMT, compass…to name a few) – usually, they are a lot of fun and take you often into the vintage Vintage, is good. They are for men only; these sturdy, military-inspired types go from the small to the bulkier in dimensions and weight; in both cases, garnering great attention.
  • Dress watches: Nothing quite matches the grace of the basic black-and-steel, working its way well with fashion from suits to jeans. Back to black, sometimes with a sharp contrast or shining, elegant gold; they get noticed for just about anything in them and not always for the basic black concept.

Follow the simple rule

Vacations and weekends on the beach or at the atoll will need the dive watch alongside the dress watch which, every individual should at least, own one. Those closer to the nature will find a field watch useful the dress piece aside, while celebrating the summer with trips from shore-to-shore with a pilot’s watch one shall be a privilege to enjoy and cherish.

Get creating some new, warm memories.

Below are given links to one of each type mentioned above. Click to see and buy: