Linking passions together

From past references, it’s very much evident that both similarities and influences from the automobile industry are noticed aplenty among watch designs. Often, the same materials also adorn a watch and this pairing – we hope sincerely – shall be endless.

Both sides of the industry are passionate about keeping up the good job; every now and then, they bring collectors one or the other enthusiastic release from time to time.

A contribution from Tissot

Tissot understood it for quite some time. The brand currently enjoys long partnerships; one with the legendary French auto maker Alpine. Their recent brainstorming presented new models, named Tissot Alpine On-Board Automatic Chronograph.

Now, you must be bit surprised – “Is Alpine still around?” Oh, to know that, you must also be a car lover. Well, good news is, most men are.

Those who are not must not omit the next points.

Alpine details:

  • Full form: Société des Automobiles Alpine SAS.
  • Origin: French
  • Industry: Sports and racing car manufacturing.
  • Year of founding: 1955.
  • Parent company: Renault (since 1973).

The Alpine Magic

There’s something more about them than the usual in the Alpine cars, but well, that’s not an expert’s opinion. It’s just that I’d prefer a 2017 A110S than a BMW 6; or say, a Mercedes E300. It’s more relaxed in its approach on the city streets. Low on torque and hp, you say? I find it more than sufficient within the city and its greater parts.

This Tissot and Alpine collaboration occurred out of the blue! Renault had earlier brought back Alpine, so it’s them who secured the deal.

You may use the watch as a dashboard-clock for your new Alpine A110 and its S variant. Its thin bezel makes the Alpine On-Board Automatic Chronograph appear larger visually with brushed finish outrunning the polished surfaces. Around the side of the case runs the Clous-de-Paris decoration, imparting a beautifully textured look. It also provides a surface to aid a firm grip while placing on or off the dashboard.

Into the mechanics

The Caliber 7753 is a chronograph movement that sits inside but first, a bit on the chronograph.

The frame around the pad-like center-console allows the watch to be screwed-in when you need and on-board chronograph to time your every lap real time and you can see the in front of your eyes.

The ETA 7753 is also termed as the Valjoux A05.H31 – a self-winding, 27-jewel caliber storing 60 hours of power inside! It beats at 28,800vph, displaying date other than the stopwatch/time-measuring feature. The date is not set with the crown; you use the corrector at 10’0 clock at the side of the case. Follow the arrow symbol.

Up on the dial

The pretty simple dial is easy to read and suits the large size well. The black, grained texture, the raised indexes and absence of numerals make the Tachymeter scale appear prominent. The chronograph sub-dial at 3’0 records 30-minutes and at nine is the regular-seconds counter. The whole thing is vintage inspired, including the thick hands and the thin pointers as very old Tissot chronographs have it.

As a watch

Heavy car racing influences show through and through in the Tissot Alpine On Board Special Edition automatic chronographs and it also shows through the straps! They match the overall theme. Padded, rally-styled leather straps with matching color stitches and steel butterfly, push-button clasps will make you say they ain’t no lousy watches at all!

Keep dropping in to leave your replies below. State which of these two watches you’d like to go for the most and also, for what?