Pens, especially fountain pens; and watches are intimately linked. Some of the watch manufacturers make both and matching hands to nibs or cases to caps – maybe even straps to clips – don’t seem that hard. All you need is just picking the style – vintage, classic, retro, contemporary or any other classifications on offer. They have been pre-matched around your way of life.

This got both advantages (optimally matched) and disadvantages (non-customizable). It finds them the attention of connoisseurs who are occupied too much to sneak a day out of their businesses and that’s for real! That, however; got its limits. The presets don’t allow customization. You might have to end up buying two (or more) to get the match you want. It works out costlier than taking individual picks and you run a high chance to find even those you wanted from specific pairs. Use that money you save for extending your collection instead, unless you already got some plan or going to get some plan.

Classic- or vintage-themed watches are all about going with the fountain pens. That’s kind of a maxim, a doctrine and a great deal of logical snobbery, which is welcome. Sports and roller-balls, on the other hand, go damn well; however, not that fountain pens keep out from the sports periphery; or in that case, any other. Heavy and ornamented to super slim minimalistic designs are paired accordingly to their timekeeping counterparts. That might extend to other functional/dressing accessories; however, that’s another story for another post.

So far, pens came from watch makers – even auto makers; liquor companies and fashion brands – who belted out some of the finest pens for the contemporary markets. In the process, many collaborated with writing and calligraphy instruments developers and manufacturers. This, in turn, led some of the pen companies – Mont Blanc, for example – with established expertise and signature in their area turn to watch making. This largely benefitted the crowd outside their devoted, calligraphic clientele the most.

We digressed; we should have been addressing why is it that men – in particular men of good tastes – are so fond of both. The writing instruments and the time pieces! Women, too, are interested in pens and watches but not in as huge numbers.

From a male perspective, the patterns of procurement and related habits in my own species shall require more than just a few ruminations and can’t be just written off as our mere fascinations with tools or practicality. It’s not just about being enabled to complete a writing task; it’s about affording the level of luxury you assign to the task; the value you put into your doing unostentatiously. One more thing, you’ll find bling to be fairly less here.

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