The inside matter: Fast and brief

Let us not get into the formal definition for a fashion watch. We shall only be talking about watches by brands that do not make watches as their primary product. Most of their profits come from the respective industries (automobiles, liquors etc.) they operate in; watches are either their way for surrogate branding or they go with the rest of the products of the manufacturer (garments, sports goods etc.). They chiefly focus on design and use generic movements and deliver the quality every watch collector demands. They fulfill to the fullest! They got to; for the build and material quality must reflect the quality for their primary products.

A short list of bests   

  1. Armani Exchange: A luxury clothing line from a Milanese fashion house catering to both men and women. Their leather goods, footwear eyewear, cosmetics and home/interior decorative objects are renowned far and wide. They are high-fashion and expensive, but Armani’s watches are still relatively affordable. Notable pieces: Rocco Black, Red Chronograph, Ladies’  Analog Quartz.
  2. DKNY Watches: The DKNY Stanhope doesn’t show on too many wrists due to their limited availability nowadays, but its very pretty, very plain and classy demeanor created quite a sensation. The Stanhope’ edition is the perfect DKNY watch to get noticed for a sleek match creating a sophisticated flair with all your jewellery.
  3. Diesel Watches: One of the most renowned and popular urban clothing designing houses, Diesel Watches exhibit outstanding quality with exotic styles and designs. They maintain affordability at the same time. Convey your creative flair through these trendy choices, adding a new flair to your personality. Notable pieces: Diesel Griffed, Diesel MS9, Diesel Crusher, Diesel Boltdown, Diesel Chopped Millennial Pink Transparent.
  4. Emporio Armani Watches: Emporio Armani is a sub label of Giorgio Armani. It features trendy, ready-to-wear clothing; also in runway Their watches are to support the lines of clothing and are at par with the quality of their dressing lines. More suitable for the youth and younger adults, the Emporio Armani Watches encompass every element of modern fashion. Notable pieces: Kappa , Classic Chronograph, Renato, Aviator Chronograph, Gianni T-Bar.
  5. Fossil Watches: Bags, wallets and jewelry apart, Fossil makes watches. They are effortless and cool to look at; quite extreme in their functionalities and performances. They are ideal wrist essentials for anyone looking for a tough watch they intend to use for years to come. These timepieces are made to fit ever-changing, hectic lifestyles. Notable pieces: Machine Chronograph, FB-03 Chronograph  FB-GMT Curator Titanium Limited Edition, Pierce Multifunction.
  6. Maserati Watches: Maserati, the producers of great sports cars build some impressive timepieces through regular watchmakers, giving them their sensational designs and other preferences. The watches reflect modern trends rooted in modernist and classic styles; relating to the characteristics of various automobile components, including rims, dashboards and steering wheels and their decorations. Unique and eye-catching, it’s a vast and extensive spectrum. Notable pieces: Epoca , Successo, Trimarano Yacht Timer Chronograph, Triconic, Gentleman Skeleton.
  7. Michael Kors Watches: Michael Kors is a brand under American fashion designer Karl Anderson Jr. also designing clothes, fashion accessories and jewelry. It’s a wide array showcasing different styles and technologies within huge to petite and mini forms. Oversized or mid-sized, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Notable pieces: Sutter, Bayville,Layton, Pyper.

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