Status symbols vs. Novelties for those in the know


Luxury never goes out of fashion. Neither do the luxury products.

That’s the reason you might arrive in a 1940’s Rolls Royce to a banquet where everyone else gathered in their most recent tech-laden sports cars or family sedans.

Luxury is not about utility. It’s true that the modern times have come up embracing utility with luxury – think Satellite Aided Transmission in a modern Rolls Royce! That’s one helluva excess tech that finds a considerable amount of utilitarian use to offer what RR ultimately aims for. That’s Luxury!

Which one among the two Rolls is the better (or greater) luxury then?

There’s no straight answer to it. They both are luxuries; of different kinds, about which only your mood at the moment will have the final say. It’s not determined by the need of the moment. Needs are not addressed by luxury, except for the biggest need of it all – The sole NEED for wearing luxury!

Luxury: The classifications

Most won’t down this well. Doesn’t matter, whether you do or not, it will make you create your own sweet versions of luxury if sticking to the older ones isn’t lately proving as rewarding.

Before classification, we must know what LUXURY means..

Among its many definitions (Something that is an indulgence rather than a necessity; ‘Wealth as evidenced by opulence’ and vaguely as ‘something that is excessively expensive’), luxury is also interpreted as rich and superior in quality. It’s always safer to cut out upon vague things. The remaining three offer a ground vast enough for a fair play.

So, to the divisions of luxury!

Often a term – affordable luxury – is used to classify a part under the larger luxury umbrella. Some object to this, stating love of luxury is strictly a game for the rich. They stick to the vague portrayal of being just excessively expensive. So, let’s condense ‘Something that is an indulgence rather than a necessity’ to luxury and ‘Rich and superior in quality’ to super-/hyper luxury. Anything above that goes into the Ultra- (‘Wealth as evidenced by opulence’) and further into the Uberluxury segments. This is where that vague portrayal gets sharp! This is where millions come into play! This is where most of us will need to save up to get an entry! For Luxury and hyper luxury, you don’t need to. Lastly, Irrespective of its form, luxury is an emotional investment.

Easy ways to get your hands on luxury and its hyper form

As per the above classification, Luxury doesn’t demand too high a price; neither does hyper-luxury albeit it’s more than luxury. Their prices won’t send you twirling on the ground, but it’s always handy to get them at prices lower than actual. Sales are a good way to get them at discounted prices. Good ones will cover almost everything from different complications to precious metals; catering for every purchase, informed or impulse.

  • Swiss Watch Week: This sale will run from 13th Nov 2021 till 18 Nov 2021. This sale emphasizes on the Swiss luxury brand Tissot. There’s an additional 10% off that applies on the regular discounts. Almost the entire Tissot repertoire is present in the sale; with prices ranging between $145 (for pocket watches) and $1400 (Special Edition Automatics) before applying the additional 10% discount. Swiss Watch Week brings you hyper-luxury watches like the Tissot Alpine On Board Special Edition Automatic on one hand while the Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium Automatics on the other. Lucky ones may also find the Tissot Heritage 1973 Chronograph Automatic at unbelievably low prices and that’s where the real catch is: Pick your stuff while the stocks last! Ladies, too! You won’t find another Tissot Heritage Memphis Lady Limited Edition Quartz lazing around elsewhere at such a throwaway price.
  • Watches of the week: There will be Orients put up on this week, between 17th Nov 2021 and 23rd Nov 2021. No additional discounts upon these; however, the regular discounts of up to 50% are anyway a good deal.
  • Blowout Sale: 19th Nov 2021 brings you a large collection from a varied range of manufacturers at higher discounts than regular ones.
  • Black Friday Deals Week: Scheduled to run between 22nd and 25th of November 2021,it will give you a head start for Christmas shopping; followed by the actual Black Friday Sale on Thursday the 26th.
  • Cyber Monday Deals: The Monday after Thanksgiving, November 29, 2021 is a great way to satiate your thirst for quality timepieces at bargain prices. Don’t just shop to be different from the rest; also, shop to pick up the best!

Keep dropping in to leave your replies below. State which deals you’d like to go for the most and also, for what?