My last post was a general over-view of Polar heart rate monitor watches. Today, lets look at one of them closely – the Polar FT80. My first impression about this watch was that it is gorgeous! Now, I don’t use that word with a lot of watches, least of all digital ones (nothing against digital watches – but when it comes to looks I think analog ones beat them anytime. Its my personal opinion. I am sure there are many digital watch fan-boys who will vehemently disagree to this 🙂 ).

Polar Fitness & Training Heartrate Monitor Watch FT80
Polar Fitness & Training Heartrate Monitor Watch FT80Polar FT 80

I lifted up the watch and it is surprisingly light-weight. Given the amount of functionality it packs I was really surprised how light-weight it is. The FT 80 is a fitness and training watch. That means you can use it with aerobic activities (running, cycling etc.) as well as weight-training. It has some great features and functions to assist in both types of exercise.  The display shows the current and target heart-rate along with the goals you have set for your workout.

One cool feature of the FT 80 is that it even reminds you when you haven’t worked out for a while. It can also make suggestions for your workout based on your height, weight and the desired activity level. Another really great thing about the FT 80 is the ease of setup. All you need to do is do a 5-minute workout test and the watch will know everything about you to plan your next workout! Isn’t that awesome?

An optional accessory is the G1 GPS sensor. The model with G1 is called  Polar FT80G1. With the GPS sensor the watch will accurately display the speed and distance for you.

Also included is the Polar FlowLink™ which helps you connect to You can upload your workouts etc. to and make use of the vast amount of tools there to help you set goals and measure your improvement.

The FT80 is 50m water resistant. This means you can wear it while swimming, in the rain, in the shower (not sure why would anyone do that, but you never know) etc. without any issues at all. As I said, the watch is really easy on the wrist. I didn’t even feel it – its almost as if it is not there. The quality and feel of the band is great – its really soft and comfortable. Easily one of the most comfortable watches I have ever worn.

All in all its a really great tool to take you on the path to fitness.  You can find detailed features of the watch on our catalog here: Polar Heart Rate Monitor Watch FT80.