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The ‘clock’ emblem is given to this Invicta is because it borrows its design cues from the retro clocks. They are quite good at making bold statements and this time also, they fare well. Their expertise in creating intricate details and designs manifests through the personifications of gallant structures.

Invicta’s commendable hold on the fine art of making timepieces sets the Invicta Specialty Chronograph Quartz 6621 Men’s Watch alive. is one way Invicta exhibits its prowess. Prowess doesn’t only mean stuffing things within; it’s also about what and how much of it should be restrained.

The Invicta Specialty Chronograph Quartz 6621 Men’s Watch qualifies as one of those purchases where you don’t feel guilty later onwards. Neither leery before the purchase.

This is an entry-level Invicta in the form of a typical diver’s chronograph. The beefy, brushed stainless steel case and bracelet are in unison in terms of size, build, material and finish qualities. It has a fairly good amount of water resistance, so it qualifies also as a recreational water sports watch. The case and bracelet are two things that create the initial impressions in budget watches and it shows some very impressive with its overall build quality, the machining and overall finish.

The Invicta Specialty Chronograph Quartz 6621 Men’s Watch looks kind of—if we put it delicately – badass! That’s because of a typical rugged look given to it. That’s highly unlikely for an entry-level watch!

For those with not exactly great eyes, the large dial of this Invicta Specialty Chronograph is easy to read. It also brings it a classy look and the overall impression is far from being cheap. The synthetic sapphire (Flame Fusion) crystal doesn’t let scratches to set in, which also increases its crystal clear viewing. This is another point where it competes shoulder to shoulder against the more expensive watches.

The dial is appealing, if we want to put it simply. What’s even more surprising is it is a chronograph that has a day-of-the-week indicator subdial to go with the date function instead of a barely useful 24-hour indicator.  It’s a subtle variation on the run-of-the-mill chronograph layouts while the decent quality luminescent coating on the hands and the hour markers. The ISA quartz movement inside is built to last and comprises very high quality components, enough to last a lifetime. With cutting-edge of efficiency, it is the kind that you can set once and forget about any kind of readjustment except for matching up with the odd-months.

To end, the 6621 shocks you pleasantly up to quite a bit. It delivers everything that watches worth a few hundred dollars deliver, with its state of the art built, an impeccably classy look and the kind of reliability and durability which puts others in the price range to absolute shame!

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1 comment on “Invicta Specialty Chronograph Quartz 6621 Men’s Watch: An adorable wrist-clock from Invicta!

  1. I own that model and I’m very satiesfied with it. Good, heavy quality and a fantastic appearance. I have several Invictas and I’m almost with all of them satiesfied (about 95%).

    Good choice if tou buy that one. It’s the real deal.

    Dimi – Watch Collector

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