Anadigi-s are aplenty in the watch market and Tissot too has something to offer in that realm. Swiss or Japanese, there are numerous models to choose from but then again, we compare those models keeping Tissot out. The T-Touch Solar Expert anadigi is a kind of its own. It happened because Tissot didn’t rest on its laurels with the T-Touch. It rectified its earlier technical issues and advanced to the Sea-Touch, the T-Touch II, the T-Touch Expert…the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar is their next big step.

Tissot faced quite a few complains about how they power their watch. The Japanese had for long in the market with their solar powered watches, something the Swiss industry didn’t pay attention till sometime back. Solar power generation had been a tough factor in the competition and we do not like opening the case. Battery change is a dreaded object to many. Tissot solves the problem with an ETA. Both being parts of the Swatch Group, compatibility factors are class-A.

2013 was when Tissot debuted with a working prototype of the solar-powered T-Touch Expert. Evntually, it became the top-of-the-line T-Touch model, without the hassles of battery changes. That means – case stays intact! It’s a big bonus to fans that could finally enjoy fully wearing a T-Touch in its factory-assembled condition throughout their life.

The movement in the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar is the ETA E84.301. The finest T-Touch movement till date, it doesn’t just add light-power generation to an existing movement. But here, the question is – What took Tissot so long to come up with it? Here’s why: The T-Touch system needed a larger reserve for it consumes more power. Tissot wanted to ensure a great experience, so they took time to build a flawless and fail-proof Solar movement.

The new T-Touch touch-screen system continues to use an AR-coated sapphire crystal, activated through a button. It’s a way more improved responsiveness you’ll notice and the hands now move extremely fast. But, the solar power generation is the icing on the cake!

What functions does it have? Time-telling and perpetual calendar apart, there’s a rapid access second time-zone feature. Local and other-time-zone are swappable from ana to digi or otherwise.

For the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar, the digital screen is larger and crisper than ever. The black LCD screen with white numerals is a big reason behind. The LCD blends with the dial seamlessly leaving no sign of two-getherness. This slickness is an integral part of a Swiss watch.

The bezel (no more the rotating navigational bezel; now it uses Azimuth) has all the various functions and their respective zones marked; the Meteo representing the barometer. The Compass, Altimeter, Countdown timer, Chronograph and Alarm need no explanation.

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