To be very plain, the last watch Gonzo handed me over for a day – a Seiko Sportura (model no. SNAE87) – gets one impression: See it through to its end, don’t stop halfway. I’ve toyed with a few Sportura watches so far and a plunge into this wasn’t exactly my decision. I was kind of forced to go with it and I do not regret that.


I find it beautifully well-balanced upon wearing. Despite its high, luxurious finish, it doesn’t demand babying; it is intended for use and it’s built that way, with a high amount of durability. I wore it all day in a hot and sweaty, rainy weather under a thick rubber rain-tunic; the quality of materials is stunning! Many of the higher priced watches I’ve seen are less comfortable, especially the larger ones.


Anyone preferring large watches – in the 42-45mm range; lugs 22-24mm – but not steel bracelets. I’m a die-hard fan of steel, but not in such weathers. They feel rather clammy. This one’s rubber strap leaves an invisible gap underneath to let air flow and avoid the sticky feeling. Coming home, I wiped it with a damp medium-thickness towel and that was enough to remove all oily spots and dirt and it looked brand new again. I knocked it twice on the roa
d – first clunked it with another passer-by’s watch and then while getting into the metro; I didn’t have enough time to notice against what – and was afraid there might be a couple of dents from the last time; they were pretty hard. However, found no such sign. I wasn’t bothered about the glass though, as it is sapphire crystal. Fantastic clarity, I must say. It’s one of the primary qualities by which analog watches are judged and this Sportura goes very high up on the scale, if not the top.


It has always surprised me the way black and white are laid even in a low-tier Seiko; somehow they accomplish a contrast (between hands, dials and markers) unique to them. It results in an instant readability and the black, white, silver combo does the job all too well.


Now, I certainly don’t understand movements the way Gonzo does but nevertheless, unless you are blind, you can’t deny its very high quality built and materials. It must be very durable and solid; many of watches would show some sign after those knocks. I’m confident it suffered zero effects.


The alarm and secondary time setting is not tough, but may seem bit lengthy if you haven’t experienced this kind of a Seiko. But otherwise, go for this fantastic watch eyes sewn shut. I found nothing bad to say about it, so looking forward to hear what others might feel about it.


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