Citizen Perpetual Calendar Watch
Citizen Perpetual Calendar Watch

Citizen’s perpetual calendar watches are now available in their stylized Signature collection series. The Citizen’s Signature perpetual calendar watch comes in a lovely 43mm wide steel case with decorative elements to it and uses a sapphire crystal which now comes with a double AR coat.

As always, the Citizen’s perpetual calendar watches come with a large easy to read dial backed up with luminous compound coating that makes it easier to read under poor lighting conditions. Armed with the now famous Eco-Drive movement, the Citizen’s perpetual calendar watch does not require a battery change – ever! And of course, once you’ve set the date on the Citizen’s perpetual calendar watch, it does not have to be changed. The Perpetual Calendar Watch pretty much keeps track of the number of days in a month and adjusts the date accordingly.

The Citizen’s perpetual calendar watch also comes armed with advanced quartz technology (uses a higher frequency), ensuring that once you set the time you rarely have to adjust it again. This is hardly surprising considering that the Citizen Watch Company of Japan was amongst the first to actively develop and perfect the quartz movement technology.

There are several versions of the Citizen’s Signature Perpetual Calendar watch. Each has a different bezel and dial combination including two that have crocodile straps which could go well with your party wear.

The Citizen’s perpetual calendar watches also come in several chronograph versions and some can even synchronize themselves automatically with the nearest atomic clock. The Citizen Perpetual watch comes with an intense level of functionality and you can even change your time zone. If you’ve just bought a Citizen’s perpetual calendar chronograph watch, it is probably a good idea to read the instruction manual before you try anything out.

Along with all the hi-tech features and great convenience, the Citizen’s perpetual calendar chronograph watch is also water resistant up to depths of 200 meters. It is shock resistant and has a scratch resistant Sapphire crystal.

With a high comfort level, super accuracy, great functionality, great legibility and of course, beauty, the Citizen’s perpetual calendar watch is a perfect buy either for self-use or for gifting.

Despite the many high-tech features on the watch, the deliberate use of a glossy dial ensures a high decorative effect and instead of coming across as a high-tech gizmo, the Citizen’s perpetual calendar watch comes across as a high-end timepiece perfect for use at a party. So if you are looking for a high-end technology package that is also perfect for a party, the Citizen’s perpetual calendar watch is a perfect match.