I have no SEIKO Kinetic and that makes my watch-drobe less than complete. There are also others that don’t show here but they are, at present, out of my reach, so this one is the closest I can target. Here it is.

The Kinetic is a movement platform that utilizes from both mechanical and quartz technologies. The first Kinetic prototype was unveiled at the Basel Fair (1986; named AGM that time); it was the first to convert kinetic movement into electrical energy. 20 years of development made Kinetic an eco-friendly, high performance machine that’s built to last. Its Auto Relay system extends its resting operating period up to 4 years. Even then, the Perpetual Calendar keeps track of dates. The next advancement was the Kinetic Direct Drive, an entirely new, ultra-small ultrasonic motor. Other parts include an energy-saving IC (0.71 micro-watts) and an open step motor. It sleeps and remembers when it wakes. It also shows you the power you put in as you turn the crown.

In technical terms, it is a high-torque oscillating weight/load driving step-up multiplier gears and rotating a tiny dynamo (rotor) spinning at 100,000 rpm (5XF1 engine-speed), suspended with magnetic levitation and hence, friction-free. The faulty capacitors resulting in early rundowns are past. Now, the Kinetic Electricity Storage Unit (Kinetic E.S.U) is a LiOn rechargeable cell. They store more power. The 9T82 chronograph stores for 1 month while the 5J-series (5J21, 5J22 and 5J32) up to 4 years. In the middle are 5M-caliber Kinetic (six months) and 7L22 Kinetic chronographs (5 months). The 5J-caliber runs on Auto-Relay technology; it shuts down everything but internal timing it the power conservation/sleep mode. It activates when the watch is not worn/moved for 72 hours or more. To reset time after the dormancy, shake it and the watch resets itself to current time. Other 7-series Seiko Kinetic Calibers I’m interested in are the 7D46 and 7D48. However, if I’m to get one immediately, I’ll go for the 7L22. It is 1/5sec mechanical operated chronograph. Of late, they also released gent’s models with the 7T92 chronograph movement, a quartz caliber designed for women’s watches. However, the best in this category is definitely the Direct Drive Kinetic (5D44 and 5D22 calibers) that charges both through manual winding and the oscillating weight. An extra fun is watching the power reserve indicator moving up.

Even then, Kinetic drives are not for the sedentary. This is the last point that you must clear. Else, it will be plenty sore thumbs turning the crown.