I certainly do not like anyone asking me the most offensive questions in the horological fraternity yet faced them more number of times than I can possibly recall. Getting as many watches together doesn’t quite signify a true love or understanding of the subject. Money alone can get you just the watch; not the true watch, unless by coincidence. Pricey hobbies with negative consequences often die an early death. It’s either ‘too many’ or ‘too few’. There’s no strict rule in watch collecting that limits to or fixes any number standards. It all matters if a collection is worthwhile, in its truest sense.

This brings to mind someone with a fascination for Hamiltons. He showed me some of these amazing watches from his moderately high-end collection. IMHO, they are some of the best Swiss-marked dress pieces around. One had fantastic features and came at a great price. All came in wonderfully sensible shapes in stainless steel, brushed and polished alternatively across edges and surfaces, even the crowns. The Hamilton-sense for a man’s dress models, at times, surpasses all. Wrist-presence, as it’s called in close circuits.

Another winning attribute of Hamilton watches is the dial they put in. Long studies have been held in search of clarity, strength and design, so the matte black with applied silver markers read as good as the silver-on-white. Also at nighttimes, because of the super-luminova glow. The spear/sword shaped hands further boost visibility reaching the markers fully. Overall, Hamilton’s dials are all about class and elegance.

But then again, Hamilton has its own share of pathos, for example, the
under-appreciated ETA 2834-2 movement. Though it’s COSC-approved and an impressive, little, reliable workhorse always on time and serviceable for another hundred years. In short: It’s dead accurate, without any fuss yet greatly brushed aside.

Hamilton is ruthless about maintaining regulations and that makes their watches both beautiful and built like a fortress. Anyone avoiding dress watches thinking them fragile and delicate will find the Hamilton a stark contrast at sensible prices. Style, sophistication, functionality and toughness share no conflict when put up together. Exclusive, yet non-expensive, you can wear Hamiltons just as frequently as going to the deli meat shop or at some posh setting of expensive wining and dining.