Dear Gonzo, 
I want my first watch to be a skeleton or with a semi-skeleton face and a sapphire glass would be too good. It must be a good fit for strict- and semi formal dressing, I’ll also try to avoid numbers on the dial (if possible) for a cluttered look is something I can’t stand.

But someone also told me that skeleton and semi-skeleton faces are tacky. What do you think? Is there an everyday use skeleton watch that meets my needs?

It’s a distinct pleasure to hear from you; one of the very few queries that don’t have the conspicuous “- Tell me the best an ‘X’ amount of dollars can get me” feel to it. Even if it’s there, it’s very subtle and undertone-d and can be easily ignored. But it’s enough to make me feel beleaguered once more and certainly, its underlying tone for a recommendation plays a major role towards that feel. Watches – and in that case, everything dapperly must wrap around your persona and it’s not about the wearer wrapping around the desired piece.

So, first of all, ask yourself: “Does it fit my way of life?” If the answer is a definite “YES”, then read on. If not, then come back several moons later.

Let’s assume you have it all to don a skeleton watch. Skeletons give an impression of being the top boss (especially those without hour- and minute markers) and while you don’t necessarily need to own an organisation or set-up to go with that, you definitely need that top boss aura around, in its positive sense.

There are quite a few affordable skeletons around; so, let’s get down to business.

Fossil, Invicta, Stuhrling – all have their own versions and varieties. Ideally, get one from each and top up your collection of skeletons with the Hamilton American Classics Ventura Automatic. It’s no one-day job; even those with ample money to get all of them at once must also slow down; wear, cherish and start loving the feel of a quality skeleton before going whole hog. Building a collection slow but steadily makes your heart grow fonder of what you collect.


For very dressy options, you may take a look at the Fossil Grant Automatic Navy Blue Skeleton Dial ME3102 Men’s Watch and for something very gorgeous – the Stuhrling Original Emperor’s Grandeur Automatic Dual Time.

For less dramatic watches i.e. the ones more simplistically designed, the Invicta Specialty Silver Skeleton Dial  and the Stuhrling Original Winchester Automatic are fine choices.

Enough of speaking about the little delights! Now, if you must excuse, it’s time for Sir Paul’s early musical career recap and something equally smooth to go down the throat.

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