Seiko Chronograph SND225P1

If you are a fan of chronograph watches Seiko has a great range of them. From the relatively inexpensive 1/20 sec chronographs (Calibre : 7T92), 1/5 sec alarm chronographs (Calibre : 7T62) to the higher end Sportura, Premier and  Arctura range of chronograph watches.

But if you like simple chronograph watches that look great then there are many 7T62 and 7T92 calibre models that will fit the bill. Its not about the price-point or the fancy functionality – when it comes to watches there are some really crappy $1000+ watches and some really great <$100 watches. A watch is something very personal for most people and you can’t and shouldn’t judge a watch by how much it costs. Unfortunately this isn’t the case with most people who wear watches. I don’t blame them since for them a watch is just something that tells the time and (in many cases) shows the status of the person wearing it. Now a watch wouldn’t be a watch if it didn’t tell the time, so the only thing that remains the differential factor for most people is price. If you are wearing a nice watch, how many times do people make comments like ‘looks like a nice watch. must be expensive..’ or blatantly ask you ‘how much did that cost you?’. Get it? I am not saying you are one of those – the fact that you are reading my blog post itself shows that you are interested in watches or at least would like to know more about them, so most likely for you price is not the only factor.

I just took some shots of the Seiko Chronograph SND225P1 which I think is a great chronograph. Its simple, elegant and works great. Some pics are taken in bright light and some in dim light (to simulate how the watch will probably look like in darker environments). The last one is the wrist shot. I have a smaller wrist of 7 inches, so looks a bit big on me, but its only about 41mm across including the crown. The dial is about 32mm in diameter. Its all stainless steel.


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