Emporio Armani has been known since its time of inception and this time, they bring striking good designs without flinching even a bit from the path of simplicity. Yet, they create exceptionally tasteful pieces that translate into timeless styles. To define their sophisticated aesthetics, the most probable logical explanation that can be given is Armani putting forth their Swiss side. These are watches that you may use on a daily basis as much  as for special occasions; you have a huge number of options to choose from.

It’s a different extension under the Armani wing! The Swiss-made Emporio Armani watches are a harmony in Swiss traditions and modern, innovative designs. That way, while Armani gains high-precision in their internal mechanisms, they also restarted the retro- culture once more. The Swiss-made Armany watches bring back the classic watchmaking traditions of the thirties and forties while assuring to stay gleaming and functional for many years in the future.

The Emporio Armani Swiss-made collection debuted last year at Baselworld 2014. The Italian luxury brand made its way for the first time into the big event. Armani designed its display like a bank vault at Baselworld; there were glass cases inside holding the exhibits and you need to get through the large, circular dorr to have a look at them.

The Armani Swiss received immediate attention for its  rich and warm tones; the cognac and golden hues, the cabochons on the crowns and the luxury of rich, fine leathers, of which lizard and alligator are just two options. With names like Melting Gold , Glowing Rose, Bright Mesh and Black Magic you can’t expect anything other than sophisticated shades and discreet elegance.

Then, there are limited editions. These are the epitomes of Armani designs; masculine and visibly! Marked by an impeccable craftsmanship, its the simplicity that flows with softness and creates the difference.

The previous show was at the Milan Fashion Week the same year where the simple designs and their intricate details caught attention for the first time. Here, they were introduced just as a more-premium embodiment of technique and precision, but Baselworld gave the Armani Swiss collection the recognition it deserved. There were raving reviews on the way Armani mixed innovation to tradition and scored high on tech-specs. Alternatively, it’s also Armani’s elevated sense of esthetic refinement that was held in high regards. The discreet details and their fine adjustments signifies the brand’s transition to horology from the world of fashion. There are 51 models total in all movement formats – STP caliber 1-11 mechanical, automatics (with 26 jewels that beats at 28,800 vph with a 46 hour power reserve) and Ronda quartz; however, Armani Swiss-made chronograph models are available only in quartz.

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