Howdy, everyone? Glad that you came around. Was kinda dying to share this: Wearing the Titanic is dead and history; it’s time for something roaring and fast! That’s to say, not just owning a piece of radical engineering but wearing it too without hurting the delicate senses of esthetics.

Or so they say. It is useless debating on that or judging if they are brazen enough or not; I found them plain exotic. No, truly exotic – if Manny says. But let’s be honest, I’m not trying to hammer things down your senses; it’s just two conflicting minds and a third one that are into play. So things are bound to get more interesting than just seeing exotic-ness suffering the worst fate in the end or dying out of indifference. Yeah, my motto has always been – “Heads I win, Tails you lose.”

In its third year, Carbon8 jumped the Hungarian gun and succeeded injecting passionate, new sporting designs that well define the mark between being eye-catchy and eye-candy. Contemporary and futuristic dynamism carved in metal, as finely as a luxury sports car engine lathed to perfection.

But well, despite being unquestionable sporty and high performance (18.000 v.p.h), this is not the cuppa of hi-end tech admirers. No matter how much technology went into its making, it still falls short in functionality when compared to more commonplace models, say – like the Blue Angels Navihawk. That Open Engines actually stands for something else is realized much later and that narrows down scopes all the more.

But then again, does that really matter to someone hardwired to elegance and grandeur 24/7? No way, never! For this one is not meant for the outdoors and the wilderness, much less for soaring heights and great depths. It’s meant for speed, the type you usually enjoy from the white galleries to get that pseudo-adrenaline rush. That’s why the add-on comes along: The Carbon8 Rallypack. The hand-winding mechanical stopwatch attaches itself to any other Carbon8 you might be wearing and oh, to some, measuring speed is damn interesting. And the 17-jewels and 18-carat solid gold ego, for sure, compensate for its entire array of limitations.