Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to show automatic and hand-wind watches lesser than quartz. It’s a known fact quartz is superior when it comes to precision (or accuracy) but that’s not what wearing or owning watches is all about.  Mechanical watches have many other advantages and offers a different pleasure that surpasses 24/7 precision timekeeping. Frankly, we do not need it so much unless our profession demands. Therefore, while you may wear a Casio Edifice Chronograph to field-work, for the formal dinner, it’s the Orient Automatic that will make a sensible choice.

My all time favorite quartz watch shall stay this Seiko Flightmaster. It tells the time with as much precision as other quartz pieces from other reputed manufacturers, but those are way beyond the price point and definitely don’t look half as good. But then again, it is a personal opinion; maybe you’ll find others from the range a hell lot more attractive.

Now, how much ever feature-laden a quartz watch is, fact remains they will stay accurate throughout and that is the norm (hence boring) unless something turns awry inside, which is a rare phenomenon. But with mechanicals, how much ever newer the technology is, it is always a challenge up to a degree to gain a certain level of efficiency. It is the minor failings that give mechanicals their variety (and also the character) and to ensure the highest quality and precision, the watchmaker needs to interact to the parts greater than the set measures. That’s turning things more personal and it is simply a joy knowing the amount of painstaking precision that goes into its making. In simple words, it is a pleasure comparing movements and their finishing; certifications and performances that go way beyond the accuracy measures.

All that makes clear that quartz is King when efficiency is paramount but when its art, it’s the mechanical movements or nothing. Art will never tire you, unlike efficiency, over long stretches. Just imagine how weird would it look if both sides of our faces were exactly the same.

Lastly, the price factor. Mechanical watches often have a subtle demeanor that hides their real price instead of being blatant like high end quartz timepieces. This, however, doesn’t apply to atches like the Grand Seiko Quartz, but most others like Citizen Attesa  or the  Seiko Astron GPS Solar Titanium don’t do so. If you like being overt (or, if you need exclusive features) it is fine; else, something like this Hamilton American Classic Jazzmaster should be your choice.