While it is obvious those representations are not interpreted the same way by the collector and the casual users alike, but there’s no difference in opinion on the reliability of the Seiko Solar watches; its accuracy and rigidity at the face of adversities. The Solar symbolises Seiko’s track-record; their innovations and renovations in the dive watch domain.

The Solars, simply, are robust and reasonably priced. Professional dive watches have long been Seiko’s area of expertise; the reason dive watches also climbed up-shore into street fashions is largely due to the fact they look good. They are aesthetically distinct, so much you can spot them from a distance.

The Solar Diver-s are a demonstration of how well Seiko can handle the quartz department. These watches are too hard to pass up, simply because they are hassle-free timepieces Seiko built to withstand hardships. The Seiko character makes them a thrill to own!

In their sizes and designs, the Solar Diver series of watches artfully toe around the borders of what we may call elusive and rackety but gently avoiding being unnecessarily bold or obnoxious. In their most basic form, the Seiko Solar Diver can be as plain as the Scuba Diver Sports or if you want it peppy, there’s the Seiko Solar Chronograph Divers . The mechanism for light absorption is the same whatever may be the case; there are photovoltaic cells to capture light under the dial, which are totally opaque to the human eyes.

However, Diver or not, the future of Seiko Solar looks much exciting and bright. Following the initial years of success, Seiko is fitting the Solar movements into many of their other watches, both dressy and sporty. Whether it shall get buyers lost in the options jungle or not is debatable and it will probably go that way, so here are a couple of clear winners if you want to add a Seiko Solar Diver to your collection. They are way ahead than many others in terms of practicality and lifespan.

  1. Seiko Solar Chronograph Divers SSC017P1: Seiko belts out one of its bests in quartz technology! It is an interesting device, refined on the way as immense and bright ideas took form. Runs on a Cal V175 movement, charge it fully and forget it for 6 months. The 120-clicks unidirectional bezel rotates smoothly and got a blinding lume that lasts through the night.
  2. Seiko Solar Mens Scuba Diver’s Sports Watch SNE107P1: ISO-compliant, a great lume, an excellent fit and finish, a superb and smooth bezel action; got a screw-down crown. If you have hots for contrasts in brushed and polished surfaces, this one got it real well – or you can just say – Striking!

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