M-Force: The strength that stays

Think a big, beefy diver with a great, unusual look and tons of practical usability and there are many to choose from.

Think a big, beefy diver with a great, unusual look and tons of practical usability at a practical price; the Orient M-Force has no match!

You’ll love wearing one today as much as 10 years later. They are one of Orient’s most expensive watches and certainly, at the top of their diver watch collection.

M-Force: A basic recap

M in M-Force points at:

  • Mechanical. self-generated power. Independent. Sturdy.
  • Massive. pertains to durability; has shock-resistant structures.
  • Maverick. a reference to the refined, daringly different original design.

M-Force Initial run: 1997-2002

M-Force 2nd-generation: 2011-2015

M-Force AC0L: Tough, functional, industrial and distinctive

The M-Force AC0L are far more modern pieces but belong to the mid-range price bracket between extremely high-priced saturation divers’ and lower-end offerings.

The money you spend on an ACOL fetches you a lot more watch than the earlier M-Force models. Orient, this time also prides itself on the value they offer; you end up with more than enough for what you paid.

The M-Force ACOL models are fun, sporty and robust; with their functional edge, they are comfortable enough even for the wrists avoiding diving watches just for their exorbitant prices and sheer size.

Earlier M-Force watches rule in the new ACOL while the latter shines brilliantly, clad in the latest industrial designs and toughened to be functional in distinctive ways! One of which – the most readily visible – is the new typography for the name M-Force, which does appear stronger and bolder than previous. These watches are an essential item for people enjoying playing rough – on the land, in the air or at the sea! Just 1600 individually numbered pieces created to commemorate Orient’s 70th anniversary!

Let’s see the ACOL

  • The M-Force ACOL watches are ISO-standard 200m air diver’s watches featuring a modified F6727 movement, an in-house caliber.
  • A tough, case-protection shield/shroud comes for this new line. It protects the screw-down crown and also the unidirectional rotating bezel from sides and top. The shroud protects against external pressures, sudden impacts and shocks, even head on. The crystals are sapphire with anti-reflective coating
  • Hands and embossed indices are coated with bright lume, bringing excellent night visibility, appearing almost three-dimensional.
  • A large screw-down crown at the 3 o’clock position ensures no dust, dirt or moisture gets in.
  • Links forming the bracelets for the classic black and the red colorway M-Force ACOL provide superior fit and wrist comfort, thanks to their arrangement at shorter pitches. End links are solid; strong lugs integrate seamlessly into the case.

Final verdict

These are watches that can be beaten around without mercy. They are also bit more classically inspired compared to most other watches focusing on just fun or futuristic concepts.

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