A professional diver’s watch using a 4 motor, 4 hand independent movement and smartly equipped with a depth meter. The depth meter can measure depths down to 100m and can keep record of up to 20 diving logs. It is equipped with 3 types of warning functions, using sound, LEDs and character display. Citizen watches are integral to grooming. Citizen wrist watch epitomizes style and impeccable technology. Citizen Gents watch is explicitly designed to suit distinct taste. Citizen Marine watch price is enticing and makes a good buy. This watch is a combination divers watch equipped with a built-in water depth gauge. This watch is equipped with a water sensor that automatically switches the watch to the diving mode when water is detected.

The time keeping accuracy of this Citizen watch is ±15 seconds per month on average. It’s water depth measurement range 1.0 m to 100.0 m/ 0 ft to 300 ft. It’s water temperature measurement range -9.9°C to +40C/14°F to 104°F. It’s Calendar Function displays the dates of the month. This watch has 3 alarm which can be set independently with each other. This watch also has 12/24 change function i.e., time display can be set to show either 12 hour or 24 hour formats. Watch case and back are made up of stainless steel. The low charge indicator of this watch indicates when cell needs charging by light. This Citizen Promaster watch is provided with various convenient functions for diving. This watch begins measurement automatically and parameters including depth, water temperature, dive time and maximum depth are displayed on the digital display simply by putting on the watch and entering the water. This watch is a solar-powered watch that contains a solar cell in its face that drives the watch by converting light energy into electrical energy. Once fully charged, the watch will continue to run for about six months. Travel Time Function of this watch lets you easily display the local time when traveling overseas or traveling on business.

Magic Light Electro Luminescence enables you at the push of a button to light up the dial. This is done by a phosphorescent substance under the influence of an applied voltage. It has Very dark grey dial with black rim, and small square digital display window. This watch has two time mode analog and digital. The analog mode there is a Hour hand, minute hand, second hand, function hand and the digital mode displays City name, month, date, day, year (during correction only), daylight savings time. This watch also has water sensor and pressure sensor function.

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Some Important features:

Citizen Diver Depth Meter Promaster Cyber Aqualand JV0000-01E
Citizen Diver Depth Meter Promaster Cyber Aqualand JV0000-01E

Innovative technology depth meter.
Eco-Drive – powered by light.
Accuracy: 15 seconds/month
World Travel time (42 cities, 29 time zones)
Operating time: Approx. 6 months (fully charged).
Operating time: Approx. 3 years (Power save mode).
Equipped with 3 types of warning functions using sound, LEDs and character display.
Water resistant: 200m
Current depth display in digital to 100 meters
Measures maximum depth and duration of dive
Dive log memory for up to 20 dives
Auto-Start dive mode
Water temperature display and memory- current and minimum
Measure surface interval
Electro luminescence Backlighting
Dial: Black
Case: Stainless steel
Case diameter: 48mm
Case thickness: 15mm
Bracelet/Strap: Rubber

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