The worst part of owning a Swiss, luxury-Dive watch is you’ll feel your guts rumble if you indeed go surfing with that on. I’m not talking about multi-millionaires; there are more people than them who save up, bit by bit, and get their object of desire adorning their wrist. One wrong blow and that might shatter the world you weaved around it.

But that’s not the point I’m trying to establish. What I ask is: If there’s something equally good and comes for a fraction of the Swiss price, how many of you would go for it? There’s a point clear here: Even if you bang it up while 100 feet down the water level, it won’t pinch you much. But a minute scratch on your Swiss marvel will. That turns the whole idea of buying a dive watch go awry.

Of course, desk-divers need not worry. I’m asking them who are really into water sports or has something or more to do with the rough waters.

Also, some argue that Swiss gives 1,000-meter water resistance but wait, who says another doesn’t? See this, for example. Or, the professional-grade durability? This one you’ll see worn by more professionals who really means business and not a show off. The Swiss Dive watches are there to handle that part.

It’s no OCD I have towards Seiko. What amazes me is no other brand matches durability and affordability in such competent manner. Seiko is not the cheap quartz watches seen all over the globe, but a statement of pedigree and quality that awes anyone to whom watches are just timekeeping instruments. If you can’t have everything, then find the piece that will survive anything.

Go back to the late ‘60s and you can see the Seiko legacy showering on Army GIs and dive instructors equally. Only for one reason: They are enough capable of handling the rough underwaters and you won’t regret even if you lose one to Davy Jones’ Locker.

Apart from the two mentioned previously, it is the SKX models that are considered longtime stalwarts in Seiko ‘Dive’ line of watches; if you don’t mind spending a few more extra bucks, you should be going for the Prospex. These suit most of the professionals and recreational divers/hobbyists alike and you won’t regret your choice.