• September 23, 2014
  • Saanto
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It took me nearabout a month to grasp the beauty of the JazzMaster Traveler GMT fully. This one brought down my mean spree of flipping watches every now and then and provided a nice break from the big, chunky ones that I usually wear. As shameful as it may sound, so far I didn’t own a true GMT (you know the atrocious prices that stay attached); the Jazzmaster Traveler GMT removed the stigma. An exceptionally elegant, ’60-s inspired design,

What I like particularly is it doesn’t always need to be a chronograph or an aviation watch if you are looking for a complicated Hamilton; the GMT Traveler is a fresh breath of air. I always wanted an elegant design with an added functionality from a manufacturer with great reputation and a well-respected pedigree but something that doesn’t burn a hole right through my wallet. This one came as a quailty time(less)piece that will always remain a classic.

The blend of polished and brushed surfaces makes it sharp and crisp; so does the curvature of the lugs. The watch sits well on the wrist; almost like the vintage Super Compressor case designs. An excellent execution in ergonomics, if I dare say.

The automatic, ETA 2893-2 GMT automatic movement has an excellent regulation to it and never goes beyond 2 seconds, on either side. Very very accurate, in mechanical standards. It’s smooth, easy to wind and set – even the GMT/date. The GMT function makes it real fun. Quite useful too, when I’m servicing any client real-time.

Talk about the kind of detail you find with established Swiss brands! Hamilton lives up to every fine standard possible and make for a wonderful display! Crisp text; well-laid and very legible. A bit more and it would change to busy.

Now, don’t expect a monster glow out of the JazzMaster lume though it lasts throughout the night. Laid out in fine lines, they don’t make the eyes strain; even the arrow tip on the GMT hand shines brightly with a flicker of light. It’s not ops-ready, but you can indulge in a lot of adventures in sophisticated atmospheres. Tracking time in another part of the world is distilled worldliness, if you get what I mean.

But oh, the very stylish date aperture! This is the essence of modernity within a vintage finesse; if you got a convertible, this is the right watch to go with it. It’s the legacy of  the vintage aesthetics that speak through this Hamilton, a sophisticated outfit for relaxed, weekend moments when traveling means a light, breezy drive around the countryside with an occasional dip in the river for which, you don’t have to leave your watch back to the glove compartment. 100m WR is quite a lot to withstand a gentle current and the slightly domed sapphire crystal (no AR coating) a few knocks and bumps. But the crystal offers different panoromic views of the watch dial from different angles; now, that’s quite a scene!

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