There’s a better way than to just pout and throw a hissy fit just because you can’t afford to buy a new watch for every outfit you wear. You can give your old watch a makeover without busting your credit card!

Keeping your watch in mint condition is important for functionality and aesthetic purposes. From time to time, you send your priced wrist accessory to your favorite watch guy to get the innards checked and get something fixed for accurate timekeeping. That’s normal and a necessity; but, have you ever thought of jazzing up your old wrist watch for fashion’s sake?

Changing watch straps is the easiest and most economically sound move to consider when making an old watch look like new again. The rage right now is replacing metal watch bands with NATO straps. It’s a simple inexpensive modification that can certainly shift your style instantly (e.g. from formal to sporty).

The straps are named after the standard watch strap issued by the British Ministry of Defense (MOD). Nowadays, the nylon straps comes in a variety of colors and sizes; the original NATO straps, however, comes in only one color (Admiralty Grey) and one width (20mm).

There are two kinds of        s: nylon and leather. Nylon straps are popular in military formalists, but have become a hit with fashionistas as of late. They consider it as the ultimate way to make a colorful and casual addition to a specific outfit.

Depending on the brand, the nylon straps are not only appealing, they are also hypoallergenic, water resistant, durable, easily changed, and provide maximum comfort to the wearer. A plus factor is the fact that they don’t stink!

Feel free to be bold with your creation, just like Bond….James Bond. Sean Connery paired a Rolex Submariner (with a tri-stripe nylon strap) with a white suit in the movie Goldfinger.

You can opt for a chic look with leather straps if nylon straps are not your thing. They add a rugged and preppy appeal to a watch. The NATO leather straps are made from a wide range of materials in different hues and sizes (18, 20, 22 mm).

Most Leather straps on the market are made of calf leather, while others are made from the finest leather such as the Horween Shell Cordovan. With the latter, the price can be pretty steep. Your money, your choice.

What are you waiting for? Freshen up the look of your watch! You’ll be surprised to discover that a simple thing such as changing straps can do wonders for your old watch.