The Eco-Drive watch runs solely on the power produced by light from any source. By utilizing the mechanism of a solar panel and a charging device, light is converted into energy that ensures normal performance even in deficient light conditions. Such advanced technology in using light, both natural and artificial, to power a watch has brought to reality an ultimate vision that is Eco-Drive, the Light Powered Watch.

AV2000-01W is a Citizen Campanola Eco drive men’s watch. As with the entire Campanola range every detail is taken care of and this particular timepiece features both a 1/5 second chronograph and moon phase indicator. The intricate detailing and design of the watch with an exquisite rose dial gives it an ethereal beauty. Eco-Drive movements are light powered (almost all light, not just sun-light) and must have special dials as the photoreceptor lay beneath this surface. Most Campanola watches have beautifully ornate dials which are hand painted. The challenge has been in allowing for the watch dial surface to be penetrated by light, yet still maintain an attractive look, befitting the Campanola moniker.

This Citizen Eco-Drive watches feature an energy reserve so that you know when they need to be taken out of the case and worn a bit. Further complications are impressive, with a 12 hour chronograph, peripheral date indicator, and smiling moon phase indicator. These watches contain Citizen’s famous Eco-Drive battery charging system with a charge indicator. This relieves the watch owner of ever replacing the battery as it is charged via light coming in through the watch face. Citizen Campanola Eco-Drive features a “charge indicator” gauge which tells you how much energy is left in the battery. This is a useful feature for knowing when to wear the watch outside or take it out of its case. Complication wise, the Citizen Campanola is rich with features. The construction of these watches is brilliant, and has been highly lauded by watch enthusiasts, combination of high quality metals, polish, and well matches colors are materials ensure an elite status position for Citizen Campanola watches.

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Citizen Campanola Eco Drive AV2000-01W AV2000 Men’s Watch
Citizen Campanola Eco Drive AV2000-01W AV2000 Men’s Watch

Some Important FeaturesCalibre: 9800
Non-reflective scratch resistance Sapphire
Case Diameter: 42mm exclude crown
Case Thickness: 17.5mm
Accuracy: +/- 15 sec per month
Type: Eco Drive
Chronograph and moon phase indicator

This watch is available for USD 4,960.00 with us
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