Most people I’ve spoken to so far about wearing a classic watch seemed to be grounded in the idea that unless they are heading for a wedding or a dinner and cocktail, making a classic watch a part of your attire is an absolute act of heresy. However, my main interest here is not pointing out faulty mindsets but just spreading the awareness. Of course, I being the Watch Gonzo (quote/unquote), I’m bound to make people think otherwise, for I’m good at observing what others are doing in this department. Some might call it stalking but when the pen and the paper are involved, I prefer calling it research.

So, this is one of the few things I’ve seen. In the interaction between a watch and its wearer, things often turn funny.  For example, what one finds attractive at the first glance and makes a lunge for it might appear otherwise upon wearing and what’s readily noticeable at parties when you are dressed up might strike a different chord at the workplace. I guess this is where the debate starts and it’s very tough to make the ends meet. And this is where the Bambino comes to rescue. It stops you from getting vulnerable and exposed. Being considered hot or sexy without fitting into the definition is possible only with the version 2 Bambino; let’s admit the fact and move on further to discover its intricacies that highlight the stature (and the money-musculature) of its wearer.

Being over 60 years into the business, Orient created their Bambino collection to pay tribute to the watch-making traditions through new-age retro designs. The Bambino (Version 2) was borne out of the same philosophy, with Orient’s very own 48743 automatic movement placed inside. Every detail of the Bambino meets the high-quality standards, without which, the classy, vintage look would be a ludicrous affair, or a direct clone of Swiss dress watches. Anyone who has come across the Nomos Ludwig shall grasp the idea even more; just like the Ludwig follows the olden traditions, so does the Bambino II. There’s a fair bit of influence from the 1918 Bauhaus designs into both, only that this one comes a lot cheaper, which is one of the particular characteristics Orient is always admired for. Walter Gropius himself would compliment Orient, IMHO. Agreed that at this price point, investing in an absolutely original design is tough, but not following a certain, established track. Orient has shown outstanding intelligence in balancing both sides; it made the Bambino II come out looking like a true and original vintage but with an influence from something that earned substantiality through the decades. Orient proved a good and original visual design can exist below the $500 mark; only offered much cheaper at Creationwatches.

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