The Orient Bambino Version 2 automatic is a watch to leave you stunned! Let’s not weave a fairytale around it; the statement is a no-frill, honest one; at the most. You may call it gorgeous and unique,also in the price range. Frankly speaking, a work wear never came this elegant except for high-end Swiss products, for example, Breguet. It looks attractive from every angle and overall, it drips the retro-goodness both on its build and finish. In plain words, it’s a watch that calls for respect.

Getting a chance to review the Bambino Version 2 is an honour that Gonzo bestowed upon me, just to see how much I retain from what he taught. If you find this read inadequate, Gonzo shall fill in later; that he promises. Just remember the Maupassant and Flaubert connection; you’ll be able to grasp what I mean. Agreed you won’t find Gonzo’s notorious perfection and search for le mot juste (which he claims an influence from Flaubert) in this piece, but not all our readers are walking personifications of imperial vocabularies. My pennings are for them; the elite and erudite, please wait until Gonzo wakes from his sinful slumber.

Now, though not particularly a fan of Orient, still I’ve had chances to handle quite a few watches from the brand – some good, some okay and some even tasteless – so my primary question was – “What could Orient introduce more to the Bambino, already an established classic?” But blimey, it was a short but strong answer and the tons of watches that we see everyday fell bleak! The unique qualities of the 2nd version of the Bambino shone over and above all! Vintage at its best; elegance at its peak! That’s all I can say about it till I find another suitable adjective. Nothing is same – the case, the crystal or the movement; this time, the case is slightly bigger, the crystal domed and the movement, instead of the Caliber ER487 is a 48743. To know further about the intricacy of the movement, wait till Gonzo shows up.

But oh, the vintage style! It opts for even older aesthetics that is closer to the early 20th century and has a much more classical touch. You don’t expect that in a watch at this price range – that too in mechanical! Don’t know how Orient did that but it did for sure. Call it an evolution on the classical theme and that’ll probably define things under a better light. If you want me to go on more, I’ll say things are dynamic and elegantly gorgeous with the new Bambino and if I ever wear a tux or a suit, this will be the watch I’ll go for. None else shall fit in; none else would matter!

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